Community Resources Inc. fulfills needs in Doddridge County

Community Resources in Doddridge County offers clothing to community members. The closet is open every Tuesday from 10 a.m.-noon by appointment. (Photo by Candice Black)

WEST UNION — Community Resources Inc. (CRI), among other agencies, offers a variety of services to the Doddridge County area.

Because of the new Doddridge County Board of Education building built as part of the new stadium facilities, the old BOE building houses many programs and resources in one area, including CRI right next door. This area serves as a one-stop shop for any and all services needed.

Kathy Herndon, community service specialist for CRI, began working for the agency nearly three years ago. In that time, she’s implemented a closing closet and a hygiene pantry, among other projects.

“I partner with so many amazing people. We’ve been able to do so much,” Herndon said.

Herndon works with the neighboring agencies on several projects and programs, including a GED program.

Clothing, shoes, hygiene products and board games are just a few of the items available at Community Resources for community members. (Photo by Candice Black)

“We work with them to get their GED and then we try to teach them lifeskills,” Herndon said.

Herndon also works with those participants to teach them budgeting and how to build a resume.

She explained that in a rural county, the CRI presence is catered to the community and its needs.

The needs of the Doddridge County community include the food pantry and younger individuals seeking help for developing resumes, Herndon said.

The drug epidemic has impacted the county due to the amount of money coming into the community, Herndon said. She said she’d like to see some of those programs develop more.

“I wish I knew how to take away some of the drugs that are in the county or educate them,” Herndon said.

A one-stop shop takes place a few times a year which involves a mass food giveaway to allow community members to get free food while learning about all the programs and agencies that are available to them.

“I think the one-stop shop is probably really beneficial that I’ve incorporated here,” Herndon said.

Those events are funded by EQT, and Mountaineer Food Bank supplies the food.

Because Doddridge is a rural county, Herndon said, it relies on donations from the community with a majority of them coming from churches.

“It’s mainly the community coming together,” Herndon said.

One woman in particular came into contact with Herndon a couple years ago for services. She now goes to a store where she’s able to buy supplies for a penny and donates those items.

“She’s giving back. It just shows you the full circle of what CRI does. It really is awesome if people apply themselves,” Herndon said.

Herndon shared her thoughts on the growth of CRI.

“I want to continue to see people heal and get help and reach out when they need it,” Herndon said.

For more information about CRI and the services offered, contact Kathy Herndon at 304-873-3439.

Candice Black can be reached at cblack@newsandsentinel.com.