Racer describes Warriors’ efforts

Photo by Candice Black Teresa “Momma T” Racer speaks at Monday’s Parkersburg Rotary Club meeting.

PARKERSBURG — “We need help to change lives around here.”

Teresa Racer, founder of the Momma T’s Warriors group, shared a message at the Parkersburg Rotary Club meeting Monday at the Blennerhassett Hotel. After nearly a year of service, Momma T’s Warriors has served the needing community by providing meals, clothes, fixing up houses and more.

Racer brought an emotional message about the work of her organization. She shared some of the successes and growth of the group.

To introduce Racer, Parkersburg Rotary Club’s President-Elect Brian Raitz said, “Teresa Racer is living proof that one person’s generosity, spirit and resources can change a community.”

Racer began by mentioning the beginnings of the group which she decided to start after the loss of her husband. She said she got a message from God saying that she needed to “take the love for your husband and take it out on the street and give it to the people that don’t have love.”

With the support of her church, Parkersburg First Assembly, Racer was able to make it a reality. Over the past year, Racer feels that the group has been “a lot more successful than I ever dreamed it would be.”

She said it took about four months for the participants to get comfortable and to realize the group is there to meet their needs.

The Warriors took it a step further than simply providing food and clothes. “We pick 10 people at a time and we take those people and do everything we can do for them.” They assist in getting jobs, housing or whatever their needs may be.

The group is completely run on volunteers and donations. “Everybody that comes out has a sadness in their heart and they see these people the way that God wants us to see them,” Racer said.

A project recently started to help clean up Lynn Street. Among other projects, they’re mowing yards, removing trash and working on houses.

Last week they started work on a house. New siding, a new roof, a porch and new stairs are going to be completed on the house. The Warriors have teamed with the guys from Recovery Point to work on the project.

In order to have more of an impact on the community, Racer had a request for the group. “I’m asking you guys to help me. Help me to change lives (and) to truly matter.”

She explained the importance of helping children and said that by helping them, “that’s where change is going to start. It’s going to start with the youth. It’s not too late for these little ones.”

Raitz shared his thoughts on Racer’s message. “It’s helping our community and that’s what the Rotary Club is for. It sounds like several members were interested in helping her out either financially or physically,” Raitz said.

“I think the greatest message that she has for us and for others in the community is that these are human beings that need to be loved,” Raitz said. The ministry takes place at 4:30 p.m. on Saturdays on Lynn Street.

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