Belpre sees increase in school enrollment

Officials praise weekend Belpre Invitational meet

Belpre City Schools Superintendent Jeff Greenley, left, speaks to Belpre Board of Education President Cathy O’Donnell, right, prior to the start of Monday’s meeting. Officials said student enrollment is up slightly from last year. (Photo by Michael Erb)

BELPRE — Belpre City Schools has seen an increase in enrollment this year, officials said Monday.

During Monday’s Belpre Board of Education meeting, Superintendent Jeff Greenley said the school system saw a modest increase in enrollment, but did not believe any staffing adjustments would be necessary.

Greenley said this year’s enrollment is 1,108, up 66 students from the previous year.

“We’ve seen a lot of enrollment and not as many withdrawals,” he said.

The school system has worked to adjust its staffing in recent years due to financial concerns. Greenley said the school system hired an additional kindergarten teacher due to a larger-than-expected kindergarten class, but he believes the current staffing levels will be maintained.

Rod O’Donnell, who managed this past weekend’s Belpre Invitational cross country meet, talks about the event during Monday’s meeting of the Belpre City Schools Board of Education. (Photo by Michael Erb)

“In February-March we’ll come back to (the board) with staffing recommendations for next school year,” he said.

Several people spoke on the success of this past weekend’s Belpre Invitational cross country meet in which featured more than 400 athletes representing 21 high school boys teams, 20 high school girls teams and 15 middle school boys and girls teams.

“The only complaint I got … they said it was too hot,” said meet manager Rod O’Donnell. “We got great feedback from people.”

O’Donnell said local businesses also benefited from the attendance, with many reporting significant Saturday sales. Officials also received positive feedback on the course itself and the more than 75 parent and community volunteers, as well as members of the Belpre Rotary Club, who helped make sure events ran smoothly.

When people praised the track, O’Donnell said, “that’s not me working on it, that’s a whole crew.”

“It’s hard to find a group that wasn’t impacted by this event,” Greenley said.

Officials say next year the city will host two major cross country meets.