Dairy Barn Arts Center announces new Artist Residency program

ATHENS, Ohio — The Dairy Barn Arts Center announces a new Artist Residency program for 2019.

Part of its larger Making for Good project, the Making for Good Artist Residency is centered on creating positive change in the world through the arts, according to a press release.

Community-driven artists were invited to submit proposals for projects that bring Artist and Community together to affect positive change. This year-long project is supported by a grant from the Epstein Teicher Philanthropies group.

The projects must address at least one of the following issues: Climate Change, Disease, Hunger or Injustice. The project specifically encouraged projects focused on engaging the community as makers, learners or collaborators.

Projects will support local organizations through monetary donations, volunteerism, or the promotion of a message.

After receiving many proposals from artists, The Dairy Barn announced that artist Barbara Bryn Klare has been selected as the Making for Good Artist in Residence.

Klare’s residency will span from September through November 2019. She will spend several weeks in the fiber studio using rescued textiles to create original works of art that will be displayed in an exhibition at the Dairy Barn from Nov. 8-15.

Some of the finished pieces will be donated to the Dairy Barn to be sold, and the resulting funds will be used to support other local organizations.

The Dairy Barn will have a closing reception on Nov.14.

“We hope through this project to shine a light on the problems of waste in the textile industry and raise awareness about how that waste contributes to global climate change, as well as labor injustices worldwide,” the Dairy Barn said.

In addition to working on her own body of art, Klare will also host a series of workshops inviting community members to participate in the art making process. Some workshops will be open to the entire community, with people of all abilities welcomed, and other workshops will specifically invite special populations with the objective of promoting inclusivity and shared art making experiences in the community.

All workshops will be free of charge to participants and the schedule for registration, as well as open studio hours will be posted by Sept. 1.