DuPont becomes first United Way platinum corporate campaign sponsor for 2019-20

Photo Provided A team from DuPont’s Delrin division spent the Day of Action at the Wood County 4-H Camp doing grounds maintenance and painting dormitories.

PARKERSBURG — DuPont has become the first Platinum Sponsor in the United Way Alliance of the Mid-Ohio Valley’s 2019-20 Community Campaign, officials have announced.

“DuPont was our very first yes when we announced this program three years ago. We were not at all surprised when they so readily agreed,” said Stacy DeCicco, executive director of the alliance.

The alliance is fresh off a successful campaign for the previous year when it hoped to raise $925,000, but ended up with about $1.3 million, she said. The goal for the current campaign is $1 million, DeCicco said.

DuPont and employees have been great supporters of the United Way, she said.

“They are a wonderful community partner for us and they consistently join in our efforts to strengthen the community where we all live,” she said.

Photo Provided DuPont employees held an ice bucket challenge as part of their fundraising efforts for the annual employee giving campaign.

The Platinum Sponsorship level is new, created at the suggestion of existing sponsors, according to Michelle Lewis, operations and finance director at the United Way. Platinum sponsors commit $4,000 to the United Way for the campaign, DeCicco said.

“We heard their input and decided to make it available, but we were unsure what the response might be,” Lewis said. “When DuPont immediately stepped forward with the larger commitment, we were once again, not surprised. It is what they continue to do in their partnership with us….they just always champion our work.”

While the celebration of reaching a $1 million campaign threshold for the first time is still fresh, the United Way team is marching toward the official launch of the 2019-20 Community Campaign.

“Our Corporate Campaign Sponsor program has become a key component of our annual campaign success. The marketing support provided through this program last year allowed us to broaden our reach and strengthen our solicitations,” DeCicco said. “Corporate Campaign Sponsor dollars are different than campaign gifts (although many of our Campaign Sponsors also make generous campaign gifts). These Campaign Sponsorships help us to offset marketing costs, they provide a small advertising budget, etc. These sponsorships help to ensure that campaign gifts are spent less on overhead and more on programs and impact. These are investments made by people who understand there is an inherent cost to run a campaign. It costs money to raise money.”

DuPont Washington Works has been a Corporate Campaign Sponsor since the program was launched.

The company’s commitment with United Way goes beyond the campaign sponsorship, DeCicco said. The relationship at Washington Works is 71 years strong.

“Supporting the communities where we live and work is a great privilege,” said Greg Westbrook, Unit Manager for Delrin. “Many of our employees have shared personal stories of family members and friends who have received care and resources from the organizations our local United Way supports. This makes our contributions to United Way even more meaningful. United Way provides a unique opportunity for us to support programs and initiatives that really benefit every one of us. They have the systems in place to ensure the money invested is used in the most effective and efficient way and that’s a system we trust.”

The support doesn’t begin and end with the dollars, however. DuPont encourages workers to give of their time and talents in different ways.

Westbrook is on the board of directors for the United Way and on the Community Investment Committee.

Last year’s “Face of the Campaign” was Robin Wallace, DuPont site finance manager and community outreach leader.

“Serving as the campaign chair for the 2018-19 campaign was an honor,” Wallace said. “After leading the onsite campaign at Washington Works for some time, it was thrilling to see the impact that we were able to make community wide. DuPont was so excited to be a strong part of the first million-dollar campaign in the Mid-Ohio Valley. We have seen our overall employee giving increase steadily over the past four years. We have also seen our Pacesetter (leadership giving at $500+ level) giving moving in an upward trajectory. That’s exciting to see because we know that those dollars are making a profound impact in the community.”

DuPont also has become involved in the annual Day of Action held by United Way each year. Last year, DuPont sent a team on a day-long project with a local United Way organization. This hear, the company sent three teams to nonprofits in need of help with projects.

“To be able to get out, see the organizations, really understand their needs and the challenges they face…that is a day you don’t forget,” Westbrook said. “Our teams are already looking forward to the next service opportunity with United Way and we expect that participation to only continue to climb. It just feels good to know that you have made a difference with an act that seems so small.”

The support from DuPont throughout the year is critical to the United Way mission, DeCicco said.

“They are a valued partner and we are proud to have them amongst our leading workplace campaigns. What they give and what they do helps to ensure that we are able to continue to make a difference in this community. We also know that other corporations see the impact that DuPont makes through United Way and it motivates their own efforts. That’s when the power of the ripple effect becomes so palpable when we rally together and truly step united,” DeCicco said. “We appreciate what DuPont does for us and are simply thrilled that they are the first to step up and become a 19-20 Platinum Campaign sponsor.”