Vienna proclaims Fred Carpenter Day

Photo by Madeline Scarborough In remembrance of D-Day, Vienna Mayor Randy Rapp named Thursday as Fred Carpenter Day in honor of his service during World War II.

VIENNA — As part of the City of Vienna’s way to remember D-Day, Thursday was named Fred Carpenter Day for a World War II veteran who is a Vienna citizen.

Carpenter, 94, born on the 4th of July, fought in World War II in the Navy on the USS Shasta, an ammunition ship. According to Carpenter, it was the first ammunition ship to travel across the sea.

Carpenter spent 32 months aboard the ship, and was present at Iwo Jima when the flag was raised. Carpenter is one of three surviving crew members of the USS Shasta, he said.

Another surviving crew member, William Poole, 99, also a resident of Vienna, was unable to attend Thursday evening’s city council meeting due to his health. Carpenter said the third surviving member lives in Iowa.

“We went through a typhoon that we could have bypassed, but were told no,” Carpenter said.

Photo by Madeline Scarborough Jack Mathers, middle, and Vienna Mayor Randy Rapp, right, present Paul Witkosky with an award in appreciation of the work Scots Landscape does for the city.

“Twenty-nine or so detonators broke loose and 250 16-inch shells fell onto 1,000 pounds of bombs; luckily none went off,” he said.

Carpenter said the ship should have rolled over in the storm but it did roll about 47 degrees, but then came back.

Also thanked at the Vienna City Council meeting was Scots Landscape.

Jack Mathers, the chairman of the Vienna tree and beautification commission, showed appreciation for all the hard work Scots Landscape does to help the city.

“They are always there and ready to pitch in,” Mathers said.

The city presented Paul Witkosky, the owner’s father, with an award as a token of their appreciation.

Also discussed at the council meeting:

* Ryan Barber presented the Home Consortium annual budget for 2019-2020. Parkersburg administers on behalf of Williamstown, Vienna and the Wood County Commission; they deal with home funds such as affordable housing and down payment assistance programs. A resolution was passed to adopt the annual plan.

* The proposal from Matheny Ford LLC for two new police cruisers at $34,633 each was approved.

* The financing of the refurbishment of the 1995 Pierce tower truck four-year offer from BB&T at 2.71 percent interest was approved.

* An amendment to Ordinance 105.02, Competitive Bidding Purchases, to increase the estimated triggering cost or value of materials, supplies or equipment from $5,000 to $10,000 was passed.

* The General Fund Budget Revision number seven appropriated the carryover of $771,155 to Capital Reserve; $2,000 for a Home Rule Administrative fee passed with Senate Bill Four; $4,450 for Building Inspection Plan Review expenses; budget shortfalls in City Hall Utilities; Park Utilities; and Recreation in Materials and Supplies was passed.

* The Coal Severance Budget Revision number one, which appropriates $132,195 of carryover money to Street Department projects, was passed.

Other business:

* There was discussion on providing documents pertaining to Vienna city council meetings to let citizens better know what to expect at the meetings; it is still being discussed at a later time to find the best solution.

* It was decided that a resolution increasing the annual salary for positions of Computer Systems Administrator, Human Resources Director and Community Event Planner would only pass to the event planner position.

IT and HR will receive the $1 hourly raise but not additional funds; the events coordinator will receive the $1 hourly raise plus the $3,500.

Flag Day will be today at 9 a.m. at the city building. Ice cream social will be at 6 p.m. today at Spencer Park.