Authorities arrest Washington County man on attempted murder charge

MARIETTA — A Coal Run man has been charged with attempted murder after allegedly firing a gun at his girlfriend and her father Thursday.

Ryan Thomas Starkey, 24, of 50 Henderson Alley, has been charged with two counts each of attempted murder and felonious assault, domestic violence, unlawful restraint and improper handling of a firearm in a motor vehicle.

On Thursday, deputies responded to 416 Sixth St., Lowell, to a report that Starkey had struck Ashley Bules and her father, Roe Bules, with a pipe and had fired a weapon at the pair, according to a release from the Washington County Sheriff’s Office.

Ashley told authorities that earlier in the day Starkey had called her into the bedroom of their home on Henderson Alley and alleges he struck her multiple times in the face and back of the head for the home being too messy. She said the pair then left the home to go to Beverly so Starkey could buy beer and cigarettes. After the store didn’t have what Starkey wanted, Ashley alleges he angrily rove to Hupp Road in Morgan County where he again struck Ashley in the face multiple times with their children in the vehicle with them. Ashley stated she convinced Starkey to take the children to her parents’ home in Lowell. Upon arrival, Starkey wouldn’t let Ashley out of the car as the children entered the house, according to the release.

After returning to Henderson Alley and sitting in the car in the driveway, Ashley alleges Starkey threatened to cut her if she tried to leave. She said Starkey ended up falling asleep in the car a short time later, giving her the opportunity to enter the home and text her father to come and pick her up.

Ashley reported that when she exited the home as her father arrived, Starkey began exchanging words with Roe as he turned his motorcycle around in order to take his daughter away from the residence. At that point it is alleged that Starkey took a metal pipe and struck Roe in the arm multiple times. Starkey stopped the assault and entered his vehicle as Ashley finished getting onto the back of her father’s motorcycle. As the Bules started to leave, Starkey reportedly drove through the yard of the home at the pair on the motorcycle. As he approached, he pointed a gun at the pair and fired a single shot, missing them both, according to the sheriff’s office.

When the authorities arrived at Roe’s residence in Lowell, they were informed that Starkey was driving around with the firearm in a silver Chevy Cavalier. Deputies found the Starkey driving the vehicle on Ohio 60 and pulled him over. Deputies said that Starkey told them he knew why he was pulled over and that he would be going to prison. Deputies confiscated a large metal pipe and a loaded Ruger .22 caliber pistol from Starkey’s car.

Starkey was arraigned in Marietta Municipal Court. He is currently being held at the Washington County jail on $500,000 bond.


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