Storm to visit McConnelsville churches to speak about human trafficking

McCONNELSVILLE — A national speaker, author and survivor of human trafficking will speak at three United Methodist Churches in McConnelsville April 14.

Sandy Storm, a former resident of Morgan and Perry counties, broke free from a life of sex trafficking nearly 15 years ago. She gained freedom, but her traffickers were not prosecuted and there were no programs offering rehabilitative services to young women who had gone through the traumas she had experienced.

“It is an unfortunate reality that human trafficking is happening in the United States, and even in rural areas of Southeast Ohio,” she said. “While the traffickers may not be brought to justice and there may not be high-profile trafficking cases brought into local courts, some of the victims are being given an opportunity to live in a new reality, free of exploitation at the hands of those who were buying and selling them like commodities.”

Storm will speak at 9 a.m. at the Pisgah United Methodist Church, at 10 a.m. at the Grace United Methodist Church and 11 a.m. at the McKendree United Methodist Church. All events are free and open to the public.

For directions, call 740-962-6155.

Storm also will sign her books at the musical drama of the “Passion of Christ: The Rescue,” that will be performed 7 p.m. April 11 and 13 and 3 p.m. April 14 at the Twin City Opera House. For more information, call 740-557-3025 or online at www.passion4souls.com.

Storm was 6 years old when she became a child sex slave within her own home, which led to years of exploitation and drug use, a story she creatively shares in her second book, “Becoming Navi.” This is the story of a child born into a world of abuse where dark networks operating in back rooms of country clubs and at private upper-class parties seek to turn a person into a product that produces a profit.

Her first book, “Hello Navi,” was released in 2016 and is about Storm’s experiences in human trafficking, told both in the physical and spirit realms. The story follows Navi, a young lady who faces demons of childhood sexual abuse that are driving her to drug use and leading her into a situation that places her under the control of an abusive pimp. All the while, a mysterious man who is pursuing her takes the girl from the harsh reality of sex trafficking to a wonderful place of love and acceptance in a spiritual world where Navi learns her royal identity, experiences true love and ultimately, finds freedom.


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