Glenville rofessor featured on new Investigation Discovery series

GLENVILLE — An assistant professor of criminal justice at Glenville State College will be featured on a new series airing on Investigation Discovery.

A case investigated by Ken Lang while he was a homicide detective for the Baltimore County Police Department will be featured on the new show, “Murder Decoded.”

In the early morning hours of Christmas Eve in 2005, Lang was dispatched to a gruesome discovery — a burned body on the side of I-83 in Baltimore County. He found the victim of a shooting had been dumped and burned to destroy evidence.

The investigation took Lang, who was the lead detective on the case, to Harrisburg, Pennsylvania where he coordinated with local officials there. Together they identified two suspects and charged them in February 2006. The case went to trial two years later.

During that trial, Juniper Entertainment learned of the case and later featured it in the “Dollars and Sense” episode of Forensic Files, mainly due to the fact that it involved every genre of forensic evidence known at the time.

In 2017 when Juniper Entertainment was in the market to produce a new show, “Murder Decoded.”

“The production company reached into their previous cases from Forensic Files and located forensic-rich cases that fit their mold and my case was one of those. They re-interviewed me in Harrisburg, Pa., in November 2017 where they also filmed my segment for the case,” Lang said. “The show uses the lead detective as the narrator, interjecting video and other interviews in and out at various points. Murder Decoded solely focuses on the forensics used to solve the case.”

The episode of “Murder Decoded” that features Lang is “Revenge with a Bullet” and will premiere 9 p.m. April 27 on Investigation Discovery.

Lang has published a series of true crime books that recount his experiences including “Walking Among the Dead: True Stories from a Homicide Detective,” “Standing in Death’s Shadow: More True Stories from a Homicide Detective” and “Death Comes Uninvited.”