Two arrested for kidnapping, beating teen

From staff reports

MARIETTA – Two Washington County men have been arrested following the alleged kidnapping and beating of a 14-year-old boy in Marietta Monday.

The boy was rescued by his grandmother, who was contacted with a ransom demand.

According to Marietta Police, Kyle Davis, 23, last known address 104 Riley Drive Apt. 9 and Jarrett Mull, 20, of 358 Newells Run Road, Newport, along with Mull’s girlfriend, ran into the teen boy at the Glendale Road McDonald’s around 5 p.m. Davis said the boy owed him $650 and that he intended to get it. Police said the two men then took the boy behind the Biehl Insurance parking lot where they assaulted him, resulting in a broken nose. They then drove around with the teen, making calls in an attempt to get the money, including to the victim’s grandmother.

Marietta Police Capt. Aaron Nedeff said police are still trying to determine the exact relationship between Davis and the victim but called them “acquaintances.”

“We’ve got their cell phones and search warrants and that will help us find out more about the $650 and the relationship,” he said.

Police said they first learned of the kidnapping when they got a call from someone who had seen a social media post of the boy with a gun to his head. Shortly after, they received a call from his grandmother, who located the suspect’s vehicle at the Frontier Shopping Center and then pursued it.

“She was making frantic calls to us (as this happened),” Nedeff said. “We were trying to set up safety measures and minimize risk–we’re not going to go flying in when they’re holding him at gunpoint.”

Nedeff said as they got officers into place, the grandmother “got impatient and took action herself.”

“It all happened very quickly,” he said. “Fortunately, it turned out OK but I wouldn’t recommend that.”

The grandmother was able to cut off the suspect vehicle on Cisler Drive. Police say the teen then jumped from that vehicle into his grandmother’s car. She then followed the fleeing suspects, relaying their location to police.

Officers conducted a traffic stop on the suspect’s vehicle at Glendale Road and Seventh Street, recovering a BB gun from the vehicle and arresting the suspects.

Davis was charged with kidnapping, a first-degree felony, aggravated assault, a second-degree felony, and extortion, a third-degree felony. Mull was charged with complicity to commit kidnapping, a first-degree felony.

Nedeff said Mull’s girlfriend may still be charged as well.

“We didn’t file charges on the female in the car at this time but we’re going to have the prosecutor look at that,” he said. “She may have been more of a passenger while this was happening.”

Nedeff said he encourages parents and guardians to be cautious about who their children spend time with.

“We’ve got a 23-year-old that has some kind of companionship with a non-related 14-year-old,” he said. “We all need to be careful about who our children are hanging out with.”