Suspect items found at McDonough Wildlife Refuge

VIENNA — Authorities are investigating two suspicious items found Sunday at McDonough Wildlife Refuge at Vienna.

A walker who was going through the park around noon-12:30 p.m. found a two-liter bottle with liquid and metal items inside of it, said Vienna Police Chief Mike Pifer.

Police closed the park, evacuated it and did not allow anyone to re-enter for over three hours while authorities investigated, he said. Police officers and volunteer firemen searched the park and found a second item, similar to the first.

The items inside the bottles appear to be nails, tin foil, and some kind of liquid.

“It looks like what someone would attempt in trying to make a homemade explosive device,” Pifer said.

A bomb tech from the West Virginia State Police responded and investigated the devices. Neither device exploded.

“There was no chemical reaction,” Pifer said.

The items were removed, disposed of and the park was reopened a few hours later. Police are currently investigating the incident.

People are asked to call the Vienna Police if they believe they might have seen something suspicious at the park.

“We are looking for leads that could produce a suspect,” Pifer said.

The Vienna Police Department can be reached at 304-295-8563.