Pool rates, motorized bikes on Parkersburg City Council agenda

Meeting one week early on Tuesday

PARKERSBURG — A week after meeting for two hours and 20 minutes, Parkersburg City Council on Tuesday will again take up the two pieces of legislation that occupied most of that time, plus consider new rates for the city’s swimming pools.

Meeting a week earlier than usual so another ordinance can be submitted prior to the next meeting of the West Virginia Municipal Home Rule Board, council will convene at 7:30 p.m. in its chambers. The agenda includes the final reading of an ordinance specifying that those who use Dumpsters and other large trash receptacles are responsible for keeping the garbage in them and the first reading of an ordinance defining motorized bicycles and establishing rules governing their use.

Also on first reading is a new, unified rate schedule for the pools at City and Southwood parks and their neighboring features, the new splash park and waterslide, respectively.

Daily admission currently costs $3.50 for ages 4-12 and $4 for ages 13 and up at both pools, while a trip down the waterslide costs $1 or five for $3. A season pass to the City Park pool is $35 for an individual and $115 for a family, while the rates for Southwood, including the waterslide, are $45 and $135.

On March 12, council’s Public Works Committee amended the administration’s recommended rates and referred to the full council an ordinance charging a $4 daily admission price for children, seniors and veterans and $6 for others. Individual season passes would be $75 for members of the discounted groups who live in the city and $95 for other residents. The rates for non-residents would be $90 and $110, respectively.

As in the administration’s proposal, active-duty military members and city employees would be admitted for free. The price of renting the pools would go from $80 an hour to $380 for two hours and $570 for three hours with up to 50 people.

The Dumpster ordinance originally required such containers to be fenced or screened from view, while also codifying that the person, business, property owner or other entity using them was responsible for keeping the trash from overflowing, escaping or being blown away. Councilman Zach Stanley argued the screens were an unnecessary expense and citing those whose trash containers were problematic would be enough to address the issue.

The ordinance was amended on a 7-2 vote to consist of only the language establishing responsibility for keeping trash in Dumpsters, and it passed 8-1.

A public hearing was held last week on a pair of ordinances to be submitted to the Home Rule board for review. Most speakers focused on an ordinance regulating motorized bikes, specifically the provision giving police the ability to impound such a vehicle following a violation if the rider did not have a driver’s license.

Supporters argued it was a way to ensure fines would be paid, since the individual did not have a license to be suspended if they failed to do so. Opponents said it was unnecessary and unfair.

Council voted 6-3 to remove the impoundment provision from the ordinance. That was the only portion that required review by the Home Rule board, so the amended ordinance is on Tuesday’s agenda for a first reading.

A final reading is set for the other Home Rule proposal, which would allow the city to expand on provisions of the State Building Code to prohibit the unsightly or unsafe accumulation of items and materials in yards, unenclosed porches, garages or carports. The items could be placed in side or back yards, provided they were screened from public view.

The first reading, to send the ordinance to the board, passed 8-1. If approved by the state board, council would have to approve the proposed ordinance on two readings before it could go into effect.

Also on Tuesday’s agenda are:

* A resolution reallocating $5,225 in the code administration budget for the salary of a part-time employee to supervise a crew of Parkersburg Correctional Center inmates as they mow grass and weeds on city lots and properties not being maintained by their owners.

* A resolution reappointing Greg Herrick to the Parkersburg Utility Board.

Council’s Finance Committee will meet at 6:30 p.m. to consider a proposed program under which the city would split the cost of labor for repairing or installing sidewalks in front of commercial properties with the owner, who would also be responsible for purchasing materials.


In Brief

Tuesday’s Parkersburg City Council meetings

* 6:30 p.m. — Finance Committee, Meeks Conference Room, second floor, Municipal Building

* 7:30 p.m. — City Council, council chambers


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