Williamstown discusses official website, parking

Williamstown Mayor Jean Ford discusses her concerns with making too many changes to road flows, while council members Jim Parker and Barbara Lewis listen. (Photo by Madeline Scarborough)

WILLIAMSTOWN — The city of Williamstown will have an official website up and running later this week, according to council member Marty Seufer at Tuesday evening’s City Council meeting.

The website will give the public access to city codes, stormwater information, agenda topics for meetings and contact information for city officials, Seufer said.

“The website will keep growing over time as needed,” Seufer said, “but right now we are starting with the basics.”

At the meeting, council member Jim Stage addressed his concerns about parking on the streets.

“Emergency vehicles have a difficult time making it through the streets with cars parked on both sides,” he said.

Stage said an ordinance at least needs to be made for Cherry Avenue and Caroline Avenue, stating that vehicles must park on the west side of the street, which has more driveways and alleys than the opposite side.

The rest of the council agreed with the thought, many expanding the thought to encompass the whole city.

Mayor Jean Ford was worried about acting yet, though, until the official placement for the entrance at the new school has been announced, and they can plan for traffic flow.

The topic of street parking will be brought up again at a later meeting.