Allohak Council of Boy Scouts approves merger

PARKERSBURG — The Allohak Council of the Boy Scouts of America has decided to merge to better service all members, an official said.

Thursday night, the Allohak Council of the Boy Scouts of America, including representatives and key officers of all five councils, met and decided on the merger. The Allohak Council serves over 3,000 youths in central West Virginia and Washington and Athens counties in Ohio.

“The full body of our board voted to accept the Allohak Asset Agreements, Territory Transfers and Corporate Merger with the Buckskin Council (headquartered in Charleston),” said Todd Walter, area director.

“The decision to merge the Allohak Council with adjacent councils was not taken lightly, and was based on our ongoing efforts to manage Scouting resources wisely in order to focus on our mission of providing families with the area’s foremost youth program of character development and values-based leadership. This decision was made as part of the re-evaluation of our allocation of financial resources and delivery of the Scouting program to best meet the community’s needs,” said Walter.

Walter said that in order to strengthen what they have, the various locations will be served by different councils, to help them gain better access, support and a firmer distribution of resources.

“The councils look forward to embracing the volunteers, units, and Scouts they will be receiving,” he said.

According to Walter, the average Scout probably won’t notice much change beyond the new shoulder straps.

“We are working to ensure that all impacted Scouts, staff and volunteers can continue in Scouting. The adjacent councils are better equipped to deliver Scouting’s programs to our participants. We are working to ensure a seamless process for any impacted Scouts, staff and volunteers, and we expect this process to be completed over the coming months,” Walter said.

Walter said the decision to merge was made throughout the past 19 months by talking with leaders and volunteers and listening to what the community had to offer in the town hall meetings held around the state and two Ohio counties.

“We wish to thank all individuals who have worked together to assist in ensuring the decisions that were made would put Scouting in the strongest position for the future,” said Walter.


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