Shooting leads to larger investigation

PARKERSBURG — What was initially reported as an accidental, self-inflicted gunshot wound led Wood County sheriff’s deputies to an investigation involving a stolen gun, drugs and more.

According to a criminal complaint filed in Wood County Magistrate Court, deputies responded Friday afternoon to Camden Clark Medical Center where a woman had been brought with a gunshot wound. Chrisin Kirby, no age or address listed, told them she had shot herself in the hand while trying to unload a .38-caliber revolver.

Chief Sheriff’s Deputy Bruce Riffle said investigators have thus far been unable to confirm whether the shooting was an accident.

“The evidence had been moved around,” he said.

Kirby is hospitalized in Morgantown, Riffle said. Her condition was not immediately available.

A deputy questioned her boyfriend, Kyle Ray Mise, 28, of 409 Hill Ave., Parkersburg, and he agreed to show deputies where the incident occurred, the complaint says. As they drove to the Hill Avenue residence, Mise reportedly told someone via cell phone to put the gun back in the living room, it says. Deputies told him nothing should be moved or touched until the area could be photographed.

At the residence, Mise gave written permission for the residence to be searched, the complaint says. No blood, bulletholes or gun were observed in the living room.

Mise then told deputies he had placed the gun in a vehicle, and Riffle accompanied Mise’s roommate, Chad Russell, no age or address listed, to retrieve it, the complaint says.

Initially, they went to a car, from which a .40-caliber semiautomatic handgun and a shotgun were recovered, the complaint says. Mise said the gun with which Kirby had been shot was in a truck, it says.

Another deputy recovered that gun, which was unloaded. Mise said he had removed the ammunition. Four live rounds and a spent shell casing were recovered from a trash can, with a sixth round observed lying on the floor of the bedroom, the complaint says.

A National Crime Information Center check revealed the shotgun had been reported stolen from Doddridge County, the complaint says. Mise had said he purchased both guns found in the truck online.

A deputy returned to the property with a search warrant. Before leaving while the search was conducted, the complaint says, Mise told deputies that two vehicles at the residence, including a 2014 Yamaha Viking four-wheeler, might be stolen and he was working on them for “a friend.”

The Viking had been reported stolen, and it was seized, along with four laptops, two cell phones, multiple license plates, a .22-caliber rifle with no visible serial number, two bags of suspected methamphetamine, a bag of marijuana, multiple Xanax bars, two Suboxone strips and two large containers with multiple types and brands of ammunition, the complaint says.

Mise was arrested on a charge of receiving or transferring stolen goods and taken to the Wood County Holding Center, where officers found a small bag containing suspected methamphetamine and a charge of possession of a controlled substance was added, according to sheriff’s reports.

Mise was released on a $26,000 bond, Wood County Magistrate Court records show.

Russell was also arrested on outstanding warrants, Riffle said. A list of specific charges against him was not immediately available Monday.

Riffle said the case remains under investigation.


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