Wood County launches redesigned website

Wood County has unveiled its new website which officials hope will be easier to use and easier for people to find what they need.

PARKERSBURG — Wood County has unveiled its new website which officials hope will be easier to use and better for people to be able to find what they need.

Stonewall Group of Marietta, which redesigned the website, presented the county officials an overview of the site, its features and how it works. The group has been working over the last 9-10 months to develop the new website at https://woodcountywv.com

”We were given the opportunity to design and develop a new website for the county commission,” said Tom Crooks, a partner in Stonewall. ”It was a huge assignment with a lot of content.

”We are happy with where we ended up.”

The group had a number of goals they needed to meet. Those included taking the old site and make the county look as progressive and contemporary as any county in the country regarding the site’s content.

”We looked at a number of county sites from across the country,” Crooks said. ”The top objective was to create a site that would allow the user to find the information they were looking for as easily as possible.

”That was really important.”

The site is also easily accessible through people’s mobile devices, phones and tablet devices.

It also allows county personnel to make changes to content as needed in house, Crooks said.

The site features listings of county offices, online services, a directory of officials including their e-mail addresses, frequently asked questions and a part on the history of Wood County.

With questions and concerns related to the newly implemented fire fee where the first bills were sent out, a special tab was put up on the county’s home page where people can click to get more information.

The designers also included quick links at the bottom of the main page to a number of things people have regularly been searching for on the county’s site including birth certificates, marriage licenses, voter information, reservations for meeting rooms and park shelters, digital mapping, taxpayer information, building permits, probate information and court information.

There is a search tool that will help people fine tune what they are looking for.

County Administrator Marty Seufer said they tried to look at the website like someone walking into the courthouse and trying to find something they need as well as what they are receiving the most phone calls about.

”You would be amazed at the number of people who will call because they don’t have a number for the family law judge,” he said.

The website also has information available on election candidate finance reports, county official salary information, county financial sheets, other documents and more.

”The idea is is to allow people to get as many questions answered without having to pick up the phone and calling us,” Seufer said.

Crooks feels the work they done on the site really took into account what the county’s needs were and what users needed.

”We believe it is one of the best county sites in the nation,” he said. ”All the information is there and we feel it is easier for people to find.”


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