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The Worthington Women’s Golf Association has announced winners for July games at its August business meeting. From left, front, Katie Parsons, Sandy Perrine, Vicki Fielder, Susan Shawver and Mary Smith. Back row, Mina Applebaum, Ann Boyce, Jean Tornes, Linda Lucky, Lois Boise, Linda Hedrick, Gaye Fife, Debbie Full, Vicki Squires, Linda Connolly, Barbara Hupp and Barbara Payne. Not pictured: Mary Lopez, Mary Ellen Eddy, Carol Ramsey, Carol Geletko, Shelly Hess, Ruby Phillips, Lori Butler, Norma Yeardley and Kathy Varchetto. (Photo Provided)

Worthington Women honors July winners

PARKERSBURG — The Worthington Women’s Golf Association held its August business meeting and announced winners of the July games.

Eighteen-hole winners were: Linda Hedrick, Mary Lopez, Mary Ellen Eddy, Katie Parsons, Sandy Perrine, Debbie Full, Carol Ramsey, Vicki Fielder, Jean Tornes, Carol Geletko, Shelly Hess, Gaye Fife, Mina Applebaum and Ruby Phillips.

Nine-hole players receiving awards were: Lori Butler, Lois Boise, Vicki Squires, Ann Boyce, Norma Yeardley, Barbara Payne, Barbara Hupp, Mary Smith, Linda Lucky, Kathy Varchetto, Linda Connolly and Susan Shawver.

Jean Tornes, association chairman, announced the annual Fun Day on July 21 had 93 participants, one of the largest groups in the history of the event since it began in 1996.


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