Teen of the Week: Parkersburg’s Jackson Simmons looking to land Eagle Scout status

Jackson Simmons after he completed his Brotherhood in Scouting’s Order of the arrow. This experience is designed to teach significant values to scouts. (Photo Provided)

PARKERSBURG — Jackson Simmons is working toward his Eagle Scout project, which entails building a dog park in City Park in Parkersburg.

He has collaborated with Mayor Tom Joyce and Councilman Mike Reynolds on the design of the park. He has also appeared before city council to discuss his plans to build the park.

Upon completion of the project, Simmons will earn his Eagle Scout rank. He said the experience has taught him how to manage and work on a big project.

“The dog park will have both a small and large dog section in it, as well as a few parking spots and a living fence between the neighbors and the dog park, and will close at the same time as the park, so there should be no dogs in the park after dark,” he said.

Simmons said the process is slow but still in progress.

Jackson Simmons sells candles through his business, Little Kanawha Candle Co., in Vienna. (Photo Provided)

“I decided on a dog park for my project because there isn’t one on the north side of Parkersburg and I feel there needs to be one,” he said.

Simmons has been working on becoming an Eagle Scout for the past 11 months.

“I got interested in Eagle Scouts from my dad and seeing other scouts gain their Eagle Scout rank,” he said.

Simmons is a member of Troop 12 out of Stout Memorial United Methodist Church.

“I enjoy it because it helps teach me and prepare for my future while helping with life skills that I’ll for sure use the rest of my life,” he said.

Jackson Simmons getting the PHS’ robotics team robot ready for the Brooke High School Robotics competition. (Photo Provided)

In eighth grade, Simmons started his own business to raise money for a school trip.

“I created my own candle business as a fundraiser at first, then I started it back up again during quarantine to save up money for college,” he said. “It was pretty difficult to start my own business, mainly because there are so many things and challenges to starting a business at 14.”

He said he doesn’t plan to start another business anytime soon.

“One never knows what the future my hold,” he said.

Simmons offered these words of encouragement to anyone interested in starting a business: “Don’t give up, it will be difficult and take time, but if you keep trying there is nothing you can’t do.”

From left, Logan Miller, Brady Leonard and Jackson Simmons after winning the Brooke High School Robotics Competition. (Photo Provided)

Simmons said in the future he is interested in going to West Virginia University for its robotics program.

“For my dreams and ambitions in life, I want to be a robotical engineer, and hopefully work for NASA,” he said.

Simmons said his favorite subject in school is math. He has a 4.0 GPA, and is a member of the Parkersburg High School robotics team, science team and also plays soccer.

In his spare time, Simmons spends time with his friends, reads books, practices soccer and plays video games. Simmons said he loves spending time with his two dogs, Bear and Ralph. He also volunteers and serves lunch at the Salvation Army with his youth group.

James Dobbs can be reached at jdobbs@newsandsentinel.com

From left, Noah Carpenter, Jackson Simmons and Dalton Lemmon after winning the U-15 2021 fall season of soccer at the Belpre Soccer Club. (Photo Provided)


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