Teen of the Week: Parkersburg South senior Marimo Akita always pushing forward

Parkersburg South High School senior Marimo Akita, left, talks with assistant coach Beck Bennett during a high school track and field event. (Photo Provided)

PARKERSBURG — Parkersburg South High School senior Marimo Akita has always pushed herself to learn new things, a new subject in the classroom or working on her fundamentals, a new position, or even a new sport.

“My life pretty much revolves around sports and school, my schedule is pretty much based around that,” Akita said. “I’m pretty much a basic student, I take AP classes. Not many but I tried to challenge myself, but I don’t want to take all AP classes, that would just create stressful situations with my schedule.”

Carrying a grade point average that hovers in the 4.0 range, some classes Akita has taken during her time at Parkersburg South High School are dual credit courses like sociology and psychology, AP English, AP United States government and politics and AP calculus this coming school year.

Akita is looking forward to her calculus class as math is one of her favorite subjects in school. It will also be the first time she will take an AP math class at South as the school only offers honor math courses.

“My favorite subject is probably math because it comes so easily to me. It’s not something that is confusing I guess, it’s just mainly memorizing stuff,” Akita said. “It was probably an early age because I can remember just in elementary school, we do multiplication and I just had it instantly memorized.”

Parkersburg South High School senior Marimo Akita, right, with a friend during a Young Life hiking event. (Photo Provided)

Akita has been involved with the National Honor Society and KEY Club, but she said that with concentrating on sports, she wasn’t able to be a member of many clubs. However, with missing the majority of her junior year due to COVID, Akita said that she plans to be more involved with clubs in her senior year.

She also missed working with friends and classmates who don’t involve schoolwork or sports.

“I want to go back to doing Student Council because this year we missed out on our homecoming week,” Akita said. “I remember my freshman year, helping plan out that kind of stuff. Being involved made me excited to come to school.”

Akita also said she is excited for a full return to school this fall, as she wasn’t a big fan of virtual learning and not being in the classroom.

“Virtual Learning was absolutely awful for me because I like being in class and just being there with everyone,” Akita said. “Instead I was just laying and doing my work in bed, it just wasn’t helping at all. We were all learning, but the experience wasn’t what we needed.”

Parkersburg South High School senior sprints during a high school track and field event. (Photo Provided)

Akita is also involved with a group called Young Life, helping kids around the world find their meaning and place in life.

Akita will play three sports her senior year, cross county, basketball, and track and field. Even though she’s been involved with basketball and track since the third grade, Akita said her favorite is running cross country.

After having ACL surgery and not being able to run for nearly five months in her sophomore year, Akita tried out for the team to get active again, but quickly fell in love with the sport.

“I need to do something to better myself, and to tell myself that I’m getting better,” Akita said. “I kind of fell in love with the experience we have at practice during cross country. The races, the thrill of just being on the line with everyone.”

Tyler Bennett can be reached at tbennett@newsandsentinel.com

Parkersburg South High School senior Marimo Akita makes a move during a high school girls basketball game. (Photo Provided)

Parkersburg South High School senior Marimo Akita. (Photo Provided)

Parkersburg South High School senior Marimo Akita, front left, with other members of Young Life during a hiking event. (Photo Provided)

Parkersburg South High School senior Marimo Akita and friends during spirit week at Parkersburg South. (Photo Provided)


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