Parkersburg Utility Board to continue hydrant flow tests

PARKERSBURG — The Parkersburg Utility Board will continue flow testing fire hydrants over the next week.

The following areas will be affected:

* Today: Jameson and Mathoit streets, Eastlawn Avenue and Mathoit Street, Eastlawn Avenue and Worthington Street, Jameson and Worthington streets, vicinity of 604 Eastlawn Ave., vicinity of 1803 Bird St.

* Monday: Park Avenue and 16th Street, vicinity of 2014 16th St., Briant and 16th streets, vicinity of 2122 16th St., Hoff and 16th streets, vicinity of 2254 16th St.

* Tuesday: Park Avenue and 17th Street, Briant and 17th streets, vicinity of 2122 17th St., Race and 17th streets, Center and 17th streets, Dickel Avenue and 17th Street.

* Wednesday: Maple and 17th streets, Chestnut and 17th streets, Chestnut and Elm streets, Maple and Elm streets, Dickel Avenue and Pine Street, Dickel Avenue and Quick Street.

* Thursday, July 29: Center and Quick streets, Center and Pine streets, Race and Pine streets, Maple and 23rd streets, Dickel Avenue and 23rd Street, Park Avenue and 23rd Street.

Testing determines the amount of water that can be safely accessed from a hydrant during firefighting events.

The process may result in discolored water in the distribution system in the affected areas. If customers experience discolored water, they are advised to flush their system through a cold water tap at a bathtub or utility sink. If the water does not clear within a few minutes, customers should contact the PUB office at 304-424-8535 during business hours or 304-424-8532 after 4:30 p.m.


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