Greenmont Elementary students celebrate the last day of school

Greenmont Elementary Center student Thomas Conley feeds a cow during the last day of school Monday. (Photo by Tyler Bennett)

PARKERSBURG — To celebrate the last day of the school year on Monday, students in Wood County had the opportunity to spend the final day having some fun before relaxing all summer vacation.

Greenmont Elementary School had students get the chance to meet some animals as a petting zoo was brought in for the occasion. Students could feed and pet animals ranging from goats and cows to a puppy.

The idea of the petting zoo was brought up by kindergarten teacher Megan Greer after seeing Emerson Elementary do something similar in the past and having her kindergarten students learn about farming during class. Greer said she thought it was a good idea to bring the zoo to Greenmont and have all the students participate as well.

“The kindergarten was studying farms and we couldn’t take them anywhere. So we brought the farm to them and just shared it with the whole school because all the kids need that,” Greer said. “They were so excited to be able to pet, feed, and interact with the animals.”

The event was scheduled to take place Friday, but Greenmont Principal Brett Ubbens said bad weather pushed it to Monday.

Greenmont Elementary student Landon Moore, left, feeds a goat while fellow student Bella Brammer, right, smiles in excitement over the goats during the last day of school on Monday morning. (Photo by Tyler Bennett)

“Our kids worked extremely hard, we’ve been pretty fortunate to have the community support that we have, because without them we wouldn’t be able to do what we’ve done,” Ubbens said. “It’s been a terrific year. Trying to give opportunities for kids across the board for different things, not just academically in the classroom so kids can learn lots of things.”

Students of the Distance Learning Academy took part in a field day at City Park on Monday. Students participated in many activities from bouncing around in a bouncy house, water balloon toss, and relay races. Students also took home multiple books for free thanks to a book walk.

“I think it was hard to keep up with school but now that we did the meetings, I think it was easier and I loved how crazy fun the teacher was this year. It’s gotten better and we’ve learned much,” fourth-grader Isabella West said.

Started in January for those that choose to stick with virtual learning for the remainder of the school year, it was the first time for many of the students to see their fellow classmates in person after having classes together.

“It’s very cute because they’ve become friends over the semester virtually. So when they see each other face to face, it’s a little bit confusing to them, because they’re not used to seeing each other in person,” said Ashlee Beatty, the Curriculum Coordinator. “It’s nice to see the friendships and bonds that they’ve built. Even though they haven’t been together. They’ve been together virtually every day. So they’ve become friends and the teachers were so excited to celebrate with them too.”

Greenmont Elementary Center students Izzy Slattery, left, and Ainsley Hardesty, right, feed multiple goats during the last day of school on Monday morning. (Photo by Tyler Bennett)

Michelle Carden, Mineral Wells elementary school and Academy teacher, said teachers of the Academy had the opportunity to go into the students’ homes to help with assignments, building connections to not only the students but also with their families as well.

“We know their family members, we’ve become really tight, and we have good relationships based on that. But they also have gotten to do a lot of hands-on activities, so it’s been really good,” Carden said.

Jefferson Elementary Center had Miss West Virginia High School Laken Johnson reading to students and honored the school’s boys and girls track teams for placing first in the Wood County track event.

Tyler Bennett can be reached at tbennett@newsandsentinel.com

Stacy Hall, left, takes a picture of her granddaughter Blake Stemple, a second grader with the Wood County Schools Distance Learning Academy, next to a Stormtrooper at Monday’s DLA Field Day event at City Park. (Photo Provided)

Second-grader Coleman Roberts considers which book to claim as a prize Monday during the Wood County Schools Distance Learning Academy Field Day at City Park. (Photo Provided)

Fourth graders in Wood County Schools Distance Learning Academy pose for a photo with their teachers and Star Wars cosplayers Monday at City Park during the DLA Field Day. (Photo Provided)

Martin Elementary School fifth graders faced off in a tug of rope challenge Friday during the school’s Field Day games. (Photo Provided)

A team of Kanawha Elementary School students tackle an engineering challenge by racing to build a stable tower out of foam pieces Friday during the school’s annual Brave Games. (Photo Provided)

Baileigh Bonson, a fourth grader with the Wood County Schools Distance Learning Academy, received a Samsung Chromebook during Monday’s DLA Field Day event at City Park. The Chromebook was donated by RT’s Tennis and Racquetball’s on behalf of Ron Tice as part of the Turn In Your Assignments incentive program for the online students. Bonson was one of 14 weekly winners who received a $5 award for turning in assignments on time and was randomly selected as the Grand Prize Winner. (Photo Provided)


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