Sunday’s Child: Anea


Meet Anea! Anea is 13 years old and is currently in the eighth grade. Some of her favorite things include anime, animals, shoes, superheroes and the Avengers series.

Anea loves to read and submerge herself into the stories. Her favorite book genres are fantasy stories that feature vampires, dragons, or zombies, mystery, and romance novels. When Anea is not reading, she enjoys being outside playing basketball, fishing, and swimming in the summer!

Anea describes herself as unique and is very proud of who she is! Anea would like to be adopted by a family who respects her individuality and allows her to be her most authentic self. She has a hilarious sense of humor and enjoys making people laugh. Many children in West Virginia are legally eligible to be adopted and are waiting for permanent and loving families. For more information about adoption, contact Mission West Virginia at 304-512-0555 or email fosteradopt@missionwv.org.


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