Wood County 4-H members showcase their projects online

Jennessa Lewellyn’s Best of Show Arts Project Exhibit. (Photo Provided)

PARKERSBURG — Wood County 4-H members showcased project work virtually this year.

Members work all year on their projects, and then typically compete at the county fair. Due to COVID-19 and the cancellation of fairs and festivals, Wood County 4-H members exhibited their projects in a virtual showcase.

A total of 94 virtual project exhibits were showcased in several categories. The 4-H program teaches life skills like how to sew, cook, and more. Project work in 4-H connects youth to their interests — building skills for future interests and even careers.

All county blue ribbon winners were submitted and showcased on the State Fair of WV Virtual 4-H Project Exhibit Showcase. All project exhibits submitted to the State Fair received blue ribbon recognition, and one Wood County 4-H member’s exhibit received Best of Show, one of only 10 members in the state to receive that recognition.

Local 4-H officials congratulated Emma Daley for winning Best of Show at the State Fair for her Leadership Road Trip project. To see her entire video scrapbook go to https://bit.ly/3hhadUs.

Ambreia Griffith shares her Know Your State 4-H Project Exhibit. (Photo Provided)

Officials offered their congratulations to all of the Wood County 4-H project winners.

All of the Virtual Wood County 4-H Project Exhibits for 2020 can be viewed at https://bit.ly/3me85R3,

All of the Wood County exhibits, photos and poster contest winners that were showcased on the 2020 State 4-H Virtual Exhibition can be viewed at https://bit.ly/35v5XOS.

The winners are:

* Technology and Engineering: Best of Show: Kole Biddle

Brylee Forshey’s Cloverbud exhibit. A Cloverbud is a 5-8 year old member of 4-H. They have their own category that is non-competitive. Kids participated in virtual activities doing projects from home as a result of the COVID-19. (Photo Provided)

* Science Fun with Kitchen Chemistry: 1st Skylar Hart

* Bicycling for Fun 1 Year 1: 1st Douglas Casto, 2nd Braylen Barcley

* Bicycling for Fun 1 Year 2: 1st Josiah Swiger

* Measuring Up Year 1: 1st Kole Biddle, 2nd Braydyn Griffith

* Natural Resources and Environment: Best of Show: Lucas Lewellyn

Conner Forshey’s Best of Show Pet Pals Poster. (Photo Provided)

* Take the Bait: 1st Braydyn Griffith, 2nd Martin Sindledecker, 3rd Malachi Sindledecker

* Reduce, Reuse, Recycle: 1st Lucas Lewellyn

* Leadership and Community Involvement: Best of Show: Ali Evans

* Learning to Lead: 1st Ali Evans, 2nd Paul Smith

* My Hands to Larger to Service: 1st Erin Carmicle, 2nd Emma Daley, 3rd Cate Evans

Emma Casto’s Best of Show Hiking Trails Project. (Photo Provided)

* Leadership Road Trip: 1st Emma Daley, 2nd Katie Daley

* Leisure and Cultural Education: Best of Show: Emma Casto

* Outdoor Adventures – Hiking Trails Book 1 Year 1: 1st Cater McLain

* Outdoor Adventures – Hiking Trails Book 1 Year 2: 1st Mackenzie Moles

* Outdoor Adventures – Hiking Trails Book 1 Year 3: 1st Emma Casto

Kole Biddle’s Best of Show woodworking project exhibit. (Photo Provided)

* Health and Safety: Best of Show: Mikala Fling

* Health 1 – First Aid in Action: 1st Whitney Griffith, 2nd Ambreia Griffith

* Health 2 – Staying Healthy: 1st Mikala Fling, 2nd Josiah Swiger

* Individual and Family Resources: Best of Show: Jordan Riddle

* Cooking 101 Year 1: 1st Bella Walters

* Cooking 101 Year 2: 1st Jayla Riddle, 2nd Camryn McLain

* Cooking 101 Year 3: 1st Jordan Riddle

* Sewing – Under Construction Book 1 Year 1: 1st Skylar Hart

* Communication Arts and Sciences: Best of Show: Jennessa Lewellyn

* Focus on Photography 1: 1st Samantha Thompson

* Get Started in Art: Jennessa Lewellyn

* This is 4-H: Best of Show: Jordan Riddle

* This is 4-H: 1st Jordan Riddle, 2nd Neil Arnold, 3rd Isabella Bland

* Blue Ribbons: Baylee Richards, Malachi Sindledecker, Martin Sindledecker, Jayla Riddle, and Adyleigh Matheny

* 4-H Philosophy and Traditions: 1st Emma Daley

* Self-Determined: Best of Show: Paul Smith

* Self-Determined 1st Paul Smith, 2nd Anna Smith

* Shooting Sports:

* Archery: White Ribbons: Austin Sponaugle and Alayna Wood

* Know Your State: Best of Show: Ambreia Griffith

* Know Your State: 1st Ambreia Griffith, 2nd Whitney Griffith

* Animal Science Still Projects: Best of Show: Conner Forshey

* Pet Pals – Pets 1 Year 1: 1st Conner Forshey, 2nd Ryan Cain

* Purr-fect Pals – Cat 1 Year 1: 1st Noah Forshey, 2nd Joshlyn Miller, 3rd Emily Cain

* Vet Science Year 2: 1st Grace Hall

* Beef

* Bite into Beef 1 Year 1: 1st Ruby Kinzy, 2nd Braxton Fordyce White Ribbon – Alayna Wood

* Bite into Beef 1 Year 2: 1st Austen Kinzy, 2nd Bodee Walters, 3rd Morgan Wicker

* Bite into Beef 1 Year 3: 1st Jordan Riddle, 2nd Jack Kinzy

* Here’s the Beef 2 Year 2: 1st Rochel Young, 2nd Reagan Parsons White Ribbon: Audrey Kent

* Here’s the Beef 2 Year 3: 1st Emily Kent

* Leading the Charge 3 Year 1: 1st Austin Sponaugle, 2nd Zane Taylor. Leading the Charge 3 Year 2: 1st Colton Parsons

* Swine

* The Incredible Pig 1 Year 1: 1st Brayden Taylor

* The Incredible Pig 1 Year 2: 1st Ruby Kinzy, 2nd Lorelei Dent, 3rd Morgan Wicker

* The Incredible Pig 1 Year 3: 1st Kyra Bell

* Putting the Oink in Pig 2 Year 1: 1st Jack Kinzy, 2nd Evan Kent.

* Putting the Oink in Pig 2 Year 2: 1st Austen Kinzy

* Putting the Oink in Pig 2 Year 3: 1st Mallory Marks, 2nd Reagan Parsons.

* Going Whole Hog 3 Year 1: 1st Emily Kent

* Going Whole Hog 3 Year 2: 1st Colton Parsons

* Swine Self Determined: 1st Olivia Smith

* Sheep

* Lambs, Rams and You Sheep 1 Year 1: 1st Lorelei Dent

* Lambs, Rams and You Sheep 1 Year 2: 1st Morgan Wicker

* Lambs, Rams and You Sheep 1 Year 3: 1st Kyra Bell

* Shear Delight 2 Year 1: 1st Marissa Hendershot

* Goats

* Just Browsing 1 Year 1: 1st Marissa Hendershot

* Just Browsing 1 Year 2: 1st Rochel Young, 2nd Gavin Pigott

* Get Growing with Meat Goats 2 Year 1: 1st Evan Kent

* Get Growing with Meat Goats 2 Year 2: 1st Emily Kent

* Poultry

* Scratching the Surface 1 Year 3:1st Makalyn Lewis, 2nd Miryan Lewis

* Testing your Wings 2 Year 2: 1st Marissa Hendershot

* Flocking Together 3 Year 1: 1st Emily Kent

* Horse

* Giddy Up and Go 1 Year 3:1st Rochel Young

* Stable Relationship 3 Year 3: 1st Marissa Hendershot

* State 4-H Poster Winners

* Byron Dearth BLUE 4-H General INT

* Whitney Griffit BLUE 4-H General SR

* Baylee Richards BLUE 4-H General JR

* Miryan Lewis RED Agriculture INT

* Spencer Steels BLUE Agriculture JR

* Makalyn Lewis BLUE Citizenship JR

* Lorelei Dent RED Dairy JR

* Hollie Smith BLUE Dairy INT

* Amanda Lewis RED Healthy Living INT

* Brennan Taylor BLUE Healthy Living JR

* State 4-H Photo Contest Winners

* Paul Smith BLUE

* Emma Daley BLUE

Lucas Lewellyn shows off his Best of Show Reduce, Reuse and Recycle project exhibit. (Photo Provided)

Mikala Fling’s Best of Show Staying Healthy Project Exhibit Video Presentation. (Photo Provided)

Paul Smith refinishes an antique bed for his Self-Determined 4-H project and receives Best of Show. (Photo Provided)


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