Actors Guild of Parkersburg to perform ‘Clue’ online

'Stay-at-Home' radio play tickets available

The cast of Actors Guild of Parkersburg’s online production of “Clue: Stay-At-Home Edition” is, from left standing, Barbara Full as Mrs. Peacock, Heather Hepburn as Mrs. White and Josh Martin as Col. Mustarrd. Seated from left are Joe Reeves as Mr. Green, Alexis Parsons as Miss Scarlet and Chris Parsons as Professor Plum. Tickets for the Zoom presentation are $18.95 from the Actors Guild website. The show will be presented 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday. (Photo Provided)

PARKERSBURG — It will be a dark and stormy night and the scene for murder at the Actors Guild of Parkersburg when “Clue: Stay-At-Home Edition” is performed online at 8 p.m. Friday and Saturday.

Tickets are available on the Guild website at www.actors-guild.com and are $18.95 per device, which includes a $3.95 ticketing fee and a link to Broadway on Demand for the live event.

Based on the cult classic film and the popular board game, “Clue” is a comedy featuring a well-known cast of characters including Col. Mustard, Miss Scarlett, Professor Plum, Mrs. White, Mrs. Peacock and Mr. Green.

The show is being presented as a radio play and not a fully staged production. Director R.J. Lowe said there is plenty to enjoy.

“I think audiences will be entertained as they revisit an old favorite and see some of their favorite moments recreated with our cast and discover new surprises that the stage version has in store for them,” Lowe said.

The cast and production team will be at the Actors Guild playhouse on Market Street from where the production on Zoom will be presented. A live audience will not be in attendance due to ongoing COVID-19 concerns.

“We hope people will tune in and experience this ’80s cult classic in a whole new way. Enjoy the zaniness of us trying to recreate an old-time radio broadcast and let your imaginations run wild,” said Lowe, who also plays Wadsworth.

The cast has been virtually rehearsing for several weeks and is excited for audiences to see the show.

“It’s been very different to direct a show over Zoom,” Lowe said. “It’s hard not being in the same room with everyone and getting to feed off each other’s energies like we normally would.”

“Clue: Stay-at-Home Edition” is based on the screenplay by Jonathan Lynn. The show was written by Sandy Rustin with additional material by Hunter Foster, Sandy Rustin and Eric Price.

The cast of “Clue Stay-At-Home Edition” is:

* Wadsworth, R.J. Lowe

* Miss Scarlett: Alexis Parsons

* Mrs. Peacock: Barbara Full

* Mrs. White: Heather Hepburn

* Colonel Mustarrd: Josh Martin

* Professor Plum: Chris Parsons

* Mr. Green: Joe Reeves

* Yvette: Heather Allen

* McCarthy/Boddy/Motorist/Cop/Chief of Police: George Litman

* Newscaster/Cook/Singing Telegram Girl: Vanessa Rake

* Narrator: Brett Meade

The production staff is:

* Director: R.J. Lowe

* Sound Design: Dave Roberts

* Sound Engineer: Beth Lane

* Lightboard Operator: Brenda Gerenday

* Videographer: Lori Ullman


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