Ravenswood art show to benefit family of artist

Artwork by Jim Bowers will be on display at Ravenswood City Hall starting July 19. This piece was crafted by him for a Halloween costume. Bowers was diagnosed with a terminal disease earlier this year and the exhibit will sell prints of his paintings to raise money for his children to go to college. (Photo Provided)

RAVENSWOOD — Ravenswood Board of Parks and Recreation is hosting its second art show later this month. This special exhibit will showcase a variety of art by Jim Bowers.

Jim Bowers was diagnosed with terminal grade four glioblastoma and with his diagnosis, he said he wants to make sure his children, ages eight and 10, have access to a college fund.

The special exhibit will sell prints of his artwork with 100 percent of the proceeds going toward that fund.

Katrena Ramsey, superintendent for the board, has known Bowers since elementary school. Through the years, she’s kept in close contact with him and began to notice his artistic skills in middle school.

“It’s always a thing that I’ve known about him. He works in a lot of mediums. There’s nothing that Jim ever did that wasn’t really thought out and planned,” she said.

Artist Jim Bowers created these bowls for his son’s Indiana Jones themed birthday party. This and other unique pieces will be on display starting July 19 through September. Prints will be available for sale to benefit the Bowers family as he was recently diagnosed with a terminal disease. (Photo Provided)

When talking about his art, Bowers said it’s his personal view of the world.

“It’s my way to touch and understand the world around me. After being diagnosed with a terminal glioblastoma in January of this year, I felt the need to pick up a pencil and brush again,” Bowers said.

Earlier this year, Bowers worked on a series of oil paintings when he was still physically able to do so. He used family photographs as his inspiration as a way to leave behind a memory for his family members.

“They’re mostly (of) his family because that’s what he cares most about. He wanted to leave some things behind to his children that were meaningful,” Ramsey said.

Copies of those oils are the pieces that will be available for purchase.

The exhibit will feature a wide array of Bowers’ work including the oil paintings, pen and ink drawings, sculptures and costumes.

“Last October he ordered leather and stitched a vest so he could be Daryl from the Walking Dead, that’s on display. He’s always been into costumes, comic cons and Dungeons and Dragons,” Ramsey said.

Ravenswood City Hall at 1 Wall Street will host the exhibit starting 1 p.m. July 19. Bowers’ artwork will stay through September during the building’s office hours, Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Three different sizes will be available for purchase: 8×10 is $25, 11×14 is $50 and 16×20 is $75.

To provide a monetary donation to the family, contact Katrena Ramsey at jkramsey@casinternet.net.

Candice Black can be reached at cblack@newsandsentinel.com.


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