Mid-Ohio Valley Players to air performances this evening

MARIETTA — The Man of Steel and the country’s most famous axe murders will be featured in today’s presentation of WMOVP Radio Theatre, the Mid-Ohio Valley Players online social-distancing theater alternative developed because of the pandemic.

The show begins at 7 p.m. on Zoom.

The seventh installment of WMOVP Radio Theatre will be two episodes of “Superman” that debuted in 1940, “Baby from Krypton” and “The Silver Clipper.” Each episode is 10-15 minutes long, short enough to keep even younger children engaged.

“The story of Superman is a well-known staple and heroic icon of American culture. What better way to portray the origin story and typical heroic deed of such a hero then to appeal to a general audience with a delightful amount of camp that’s sure to leave them smiling and anticipating for a new installment,” Director Douglas Reed said. “For this performance, I’ve added a special element of storytelling to intrigue a children’s audience to tune in, not to mention a brilliant cast.”

Tim Tuten plays Superman and is excited to be part of this week’s production.

“Becoming and playing Superman and Clark Kent is like a dream role. As a kid I loved the comics, 1940s cartoon, and the 1978 Superman movie,” he said. “Simply, I adore the story and character arc of Superman and Clark Kent. I hope people will enjoy my interpretation of him and the great portrayals the rest of cast bring to this production.”

After a five-minute intermission, the psychological thriller, “Goodbye, Miss Lizzie Borden” will air at 7:30 p.m.

First airing on CBS Suspense radio program in October 1955, the show takes place a year after Mr. and Mrs. Borden were murdered and Lizzie was acquitted of the grisly crime. A newspaper reporter has arrived to shed light on the unsolved murder.

“I am a frequent listener of the ‘Suspense’ classic radio program from CBS. Lizzie’s story stood out to me while searching for a good thriller to tell,” Reed said. “In my opinion, this fictional tale is the best interpreted supposition of what could have happened after the Lizzie Borden trial.”

The cast that was selected best portrays the story 65 years after its original broadcast, Reed said.

Gwen Sour portrays Lizzie Borden and has enjoyed her involvement in the production.

“As a current theater major at Marietta College, I am incredibly thankful for the opportunity to exercise my creative muscles by performing with the MOVP’s Radio Theatre program, especially since performance opportunities are so limited during this quarantine,” Sour said. “‘Goodbye, Miss Lizzie Borden’ really has a lot of fun twists you wouldn’t expect from such a short performance piece and I really think that’s what makes it such a fun, genuine show to work on.”

The audience can view the performance through Zoom at https://tinyurl.com/ybas82en or call in to hear the audio at 301-715-8592 or 312-626-6799, Webinar ID: 936 2677 9110. It will also be posted as a premier on the Mid Ohio Valley Players Facebook page at 7 p.m. Saturday.

No show is scheduled for July 4 holiday weekend. A premier video will be posted on the Facebook at 7 p.m. July 3.

Also, a special performance of WMOVP Radio Theatre performed by the MOVP Youth Theatre will be presented in July as the finale of the two-week MOVP Virtual Summer Camp.


Cast list for “Baby from Krypton”

* Announcer: David Scheimann

* Jor-El: Dyrk Conrad

* Lara: Erin O’Neill

* Rozan: Sarah Rose Drake

* Council members: George Gaston, Mack McHale, Corey Rutter


Cast list for “The Silver Clipper”

* Announcer: David Scheimann

* Clark Kent/Superman: Tim Tuten

* Mr. White: Mack McHale

* Wolf: Nathaniel Maciag

* Keno: George Gaston

* Chief: Corey Rutter

* Police helper: Douglas Reed

* Second helper: Dyrk Conrad

* Master: Erin O’Neill


The cast of “Goodbye, Miss Lizzie Borden”

* Announcer: Douglas Reed

* MOVP announcer: Eliz Kinser

* Emma: Becca Buck

* Molly: Karen Gessner Parlett

* Expressman: Tim Tuten

* Nellie: Sarah Rose Drake

* Lizzie: Gwen Sour

* Little Child: Maeghan O’Neill


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