Church plans drive-in service for additional medical facilities

Local residents have been gearing up to fight the coronavirus in whatever way they can.

For some that means long shifts at the hospital, for others it is producing masks to help combat the need and for others it means prayer.

The One Church Vienna has joined forces with the Pastoral Services at Marietta Memorial Hospital and many other members of the faith communities to organize a “light up the lot” event at the Memorial Health System campus in Belpre and at Selby General Hospital in Marietta Monday night from 8 to 8:30 p.m.

“We encourage everyone to come out and pray. This is not just about getting our ministry involved, but the community coming together as one,” said Christina Douglas, with The One Church Vienna.

Douglas was part of organizing the “light up the lot” event held at Camden Clark Memorial Hospital on April 7.

“Everything ran smoothly and the turnout was great,” said Douglas. “I am grateful for the opportunity to help orchestrate another ‘light up the lot’ event.”

The “light up the lot” event encourages everyone in the community to come together in an organized prayer session for first responders, hospital staff and hospital patients.

Everyone will stay in their cars to adhere to social distancing rules.

“We are not getting out of vehicles, so please for your and everyone else’s safety, do this from your car,” she said.

Douglas said each site will have obtained an FM broadcast transmitter and will have a sign up to tell attendees what station to tune to.

Douglas said there will be some worship music played and prayer during the half hour.

Douglas said she has enjoyed being able to participate in these events and be part of something “bigger” than herself.

“I encourage everyone to come out and pray. This is not for just one group or one denomination, you don’t even have to be a church goer; it is for the community to come together and show our thanks and support for those on the front lines of this virus and the patients in the hospital during this trying time,” said Douglas.

Madeline Scarborough can be reached at mscarborough@newsandsentinel.com


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