Chef: Plenty of uses for Thanksgiving leftovers

A bird of this size can be a little intimidating. Parkersburg Country Club chef Kenny Edge shared some tips on how to make delicious food with all that leftover turkey. (Photo Provided)

PARKERSBURG — After hosting a wonderful and delicious Thanksgiving meal, some may be left to wonder “what am I going to do with all these leftovers?”

Parkersburg Country Club chef Kenny Edge shared some ideas for what to do with all that leftover food.

Perhaps the easiest thing to do with leftover turkey is to make turkey salad, essentially the same ingredients that’s in chicken salad only with turkey. For a more traditional turkey salad, mix together mayonnaise, celery, salt and pepper.

There’s another option to dress it up a little bit more.

“A good turkey salad is walnuts, grapes, Craisins and brown sugar,” Edge said. “Just chop up your turkey really fine and serve it on croissants.”

After enjoying a good Thanksgiving dinner, it’s still possible to have tasty food with what’s left over, according to Kenny Edge, chef at the Parkersburg Country Club. (Photo Provided)

Another dish option is called the Kentucky Hot Brown. This famous dish is similar to that of an open faced sandwich.

“We would take leftover turkey breast and slice it up and put it on toasted Texas toast,” Edge said. “(Then) we make a rich alfredo and put tomato and some bacon and cover it in the sauce and toast it in preferably a cast iron skillet.”

To keep more of the Thanksgiving flavors, one could craft a gyro out of pita bread, turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and top it with provolone or swiss cheese.

A turkey pot pie is another route for all that leftover turkey.

“The easiest way is to get some turkey broth, or you could even use a little bit of chicken stick, mix your vegetables in and you can get some egg noodles and cover it with puff pastry,” Edge said. “I think the easiest thing to do is make a casserole dish out of it.”

For dessert, save some dinner rolls to make bread pudding. Chop up the rolls and add eggs, milk, sugar, vanilla extract, and any kind of fruit desired, then pour it in a dish and bake.

With these easy recipes, little ones can help out in the kitchen with family members.

“Time goes by fast and you want to make sure the little ones get to know the kitchen and it’s just a good way to spend quality time as well,” Edge said.

Candice Black can be reached at cblack@newsandsentinel.com.


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