Chuck Hawthorne to perform

Songwriter Chuck Hawthorne will perform 7 p.m. Thursday at Ohio Valley Rowing Club located at 2201 Keever St. in Parkersburg. (Photo Provided)

PARKERSBURG — The Mid Ohio Valley Americana Music Series is welcoming back Austin, Texas-based songwriter Chuck Hawthorne to Parkersburg on Thursday evening.

“We met Chuck in 2016, his agent had reached out to me and said he had a new artist with quite a unique musical start,” said MOVAMS founder Steve Tuck. “Chuck started songwriting while deployed with the Marines during military operations around the world and drawing influences for songs from those experiences was unlike any other performer we had hosted.”

“This is Chuck’s third appearance in our music series; the last one was in 2018 at Henderson Hall. It was moving for him to play on the Henderson grounds, the family from which Archibald Henderson would serve 53 years as a fellow Marine, and be the longest-serving commandant of the Marine Corps,” explained Tuck.

Hawthorne’s musical journey began when a fellow soldier began teaching him how to play guitar back in 1992 while the two found themselves aboard the USS Iwo Jima. Traveling the world, including two deployments in Iraq, would provide plenty of experiences and stories.

The years of practice and writing began to gain traction, and Hawthorne’s hard work culminated in the 2015 release of the critically acclaimed first album “Silver Line.” With the help of fellow veteran and musician Ray Bonneville, Hawthorne crafted his experiences into songs and ultimately into that first album.

Over the summer, Hawthorne released his second album “Fire Out Of Stone.” The album’s theme embraces such issues as survival, from the viewpoint of the changes one must make in transitioning from the past to the future. For those who have attended Hawthorne’s two previous MOVAMS shows, they will continue to enjoy the vulnerability of each character in the songs as told by a weathered Marine, according to a press release.

The show will be held at Ohio Valley Rowing Club located at 2201 Keever St. in Parkersburg, along the Ohio River near the Memorial Bridge. “We’ll be inside on Thursday evening utilizing an area which is essentially an adult rec room,” said musical director Jeff Fox. “The setting will allow for the quaint feel of a house concert, which many of our touring performers utilize for stops throughout their tours,” said Fox.

“A solo performer can certainly set up in a lot of places easier than most bands, but the key to a good performance is presenting a performer a situation where the audience will sit and listen to the stories and music. A place where the performer and the audience do not have to compete with loud distractions; we want to create the most relaxed and enjoyable listening and playing experience,” said Fox.

The doors will open at 6:30 p.m. with the music beginning around 7 p.m. There is a recommended donation of $10 with a portion of the proceeds supporting the Children’s Home Society of W.Va. and the Ohio Valley Rowing Club. Folks can bring snacks and their favorite beverages to enjoy.

For more information follow the organization on Facebook at Mid Ohio Valley Americana Music Series or online at movamts.wordpress.com. Or call 1-304-541-7463 for more information.