Marbles to be featured at Sistersville festival

Event slated for Sept. 27-29

SISTERSVILLE — Thousands of visitors are anticipated for the 20th annual Sistersville Marble Festival Sept. 27, 28 and 29.

The three-day event on Friday, Saturday and Sunday draws national and international attention while providing a fun experience for residents of all ages.

Friday and Saturday are the big days with Sunday being more of a wind-down day.

“There are many excellent marble shows held throughout the United States,” said founder and coordinator Jim King. “Most are done in motels with room to room trading. I wanted something that was more festive and for the whole family, so that everyone could enjoy it.”

With that idea in mind, King and a group launched the first Sistersville Marble Festival in 2000. The festival, for which attendance and vendor setup are free, thrives by giving collectors a way to buy, sell and trade marbles.

Past attendees and those new to the festival enjoy the friendly atmosphere of downtown Sistersville.

With free entertainment, the festival is a celebration of the area’s history of marble making. More than 20 marble factories at one time operated within 60 miles of Sistersville, which was the heart of marble country.

When marbles hit their peak worldwide, a majority of the toy marbles children used were produced in this area.

Today, Sistersville is located between two of the remaining American-based toy marble manufacturers, Marble King in Paden City and JABO Vitro Marble Factory in Newport.

For more information about free vendor setup for selling marbles, other collectibles or baked items, or to be added to the Sistersville Marble Festival mailing list, contact Jim King at 304-652-3032, 304-652-4030 or 304-652-3155.