Glenville State College to present ‘She Kills Monsters’

GLENVILLE — Actors in the Glenville State College theater program are preparing for their first performance of the fall semester, “She Kills Monsters” 7 p.m. Sept. 26-28 in the Presidents’ Auditorium.

“She Kills Monsters” is a tale of two sisters, Tilly and Agnes, that shows the importance of social issues in young people. The 15-year-old Tilly was killed in an auto accident along with their parents. Agnes, a 22-year-old high school English teacher, finds a Dungeons and Dragons game in her sister’s room, and her sister’s notes for an adventure that includes Agnes as a player.

The discovery sends Agnes on a quest, trying to discover what made her nerdy sister tick. The only way out is to play the game, all the way through. She finds Dungeon Master Chuck, one of Tilly’s high school friends, who agrees to run the module for her. And so Agnes joins Tillius, the Paladin; Lilith, the Demon Queen; Kaliope, the Dark Elf; and Orcus, the semi-retired Overlord of the Underworld on a search for Tilly’s lost soul. The scenes within the game combine with scenes from Agnes’ reality as she copes with her growing fascination for the game. It’s a quest that helps Agnes find her soul as well.

The cast includes Rune Clutter as Agnes, Brittany Benson as Tilly, Mitchell Ware as Chuck, Logan Saho as Miles, Isabel Morris as Kaliope, Katelyn Miller as Lilith, Shiann Smith as Vera/Evil Gabbi, Mazie Elliott as Narrator/Evil Tina, Robert Knicely as Steve and Chase Rakes as Orcus. Christine Betts, Cedric McCartney and Breanna Murphy round out the cast as Monsters.

General admission is $5 and Glenville State students are admitted for free.

Tickets are available at the door.

The play would be rated PG-13 for language and situations, special effects and violence.