Eagle Scout McIntyre refurbishes Williamstown tennis courts

Ethan McIntyre,15, member of Troop 215 in Williamstown, stands on the refurbished community tennis courts, which he completed to earn his Eagle Scout Award. (Photo by Madeline Scarborough)

WILLIAMSTOWN — People take care of things that mean something to them, and if it means enough to them, they fix it after years of use wear it down

To Ethan McIntyre,15, a member of Troop 215 in Williamstown, the local tennis courts are full of memories. He decided for his Eagle Scout Project to refurbish the courts by cleaning, fixing and repairing them, so the community could continue to enjoy them.

According to McIntyre, the courts were powerwashed and scrubbed clean, all trash was removed, the courts were sealed with two types of hard sealant and stained.

“I am a member of the tennis team, and I wanted to help the court stay in good shape for future generations to use,” McIntyre said.

McIntyre said he was thankful for the help received from many teammates, fellow Scouts, his tennis coach, Scout leaders and other supportive adults to complete this project.

Ethan McIntyre,15, member of Troop 215 in Williamstown, fills cracks on the tennis courts with tar to keep them in good shape for future generations. (Photo Provided)

“I learned that projects take a lot of planning and help, but if everyone works together the goal can be met,” McIntyre said.

McIntyre put in a total of 139 hours of work in a little more than three weeks.

“We take great honor in our youth who receive the Eagle Scout Award,” said Williamstown Mayor Jean Ford.

Ford said she is grateful there are Scouts who want to improve and refurbish areas of the city so others can continue to enjoy them.

McIntyre said he has learned a lot of life skills through Scouting, and he was glad to put some of these skills to use in a way that benefited others.

Project coach Dave Leo and troop member Cody Scott powerwash the Williamstown Tennis Courts. (Photo Provided)

“Tennis is a wonderful sport that youth and seniors can both enjoy; it is a lifetime sport so I hope my project helped the entire community as well as the school,” McIntyre said.

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Project coach Dave Leo and Alex Cramlet, a friend of Ethan McIntyre, stain the courts after the tar dried. (Photo Provided)

Mick Pyles, Ethan McIntyre, Frank Connor and Rainer Holl remove the nets to refurbish the Williamstown Tennis Courts for an Eagle Scout Project. (Photo Provided)