Give Local MOV exceeds expectations

PARKERSBURG — Give Local MOV this week raised more money than expected, officials said.

The 24-hour fundraising initiative that started midnight Tuesday raised $361,741.70, which includes the matching amount for pledges, according to its website. Fifty-one non-profit groups benefitted from 1,145 donors.

“These are great numbers,” said Judy Sjostedt, executive director of the Parkersburg Area Community Foundation, the organizing group of Give Local MOV.

Give Local MOV raised funds for non-profit organizations in the foundation’s 11-county service area. Recipients received matching contributions for each donation, along with incentive prizes for accomplishments such as raising the most or getting the first donation.

Last year Give Local MOV raised $324,175, including matching money, from more than 1,300 donors. Participating organizations provide humanitarian, educational, arts and culture and youth development services.

But this year’s tally exceeded 2018 and expectations, Sjostedt said. This is the sixth year for the event.

“This is the best year we’ve had so far,” she said.

The foundation provides the secure online method to make donations, a platform developed by a new vendor for the foundation this year, Sjostedt said. Led by Superior Toyota, community supporters provided matching funds.

A ceremony when the agencies will receive their money will be held 5-7 p.m. May 22 at the Blennerhassett Hotel, Sjostedt said.

At that time the foundation will announce who will receive the $1,000 prizes for most money raised and most contributors, she said. The foundation is still compiling and verifying the numbers, Sjostedt said.

In 2018, the organizations that raised the most money were Faith Link, the Parkersburg High School Foundation, the Parkersburg Art Center, YMCA of Parkersburg and the United Way Alliance of the Mid-Ohio Valley.

According to the foundation’s leaderboard, the following agencies raised these amounts.

1, FaithLink, $32,797; 2, Parkersburg YMCA, $16,780; 3, Parkersburg Art Center, $15,145; 4, Parkersburg High School Foundation, $13,225; 5, Williamstown High School, $12,580; 6, Boys & Girls Club of Parkersburg, $11,875; 7, Parkersburg Catholic Schools, $10,113; 8, Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department, $9,300; 9, Mid Ohio Valley Fellowship Home, $8,890; 10, Humane Society of Parkersburg, $8,810; 11, Old Man Rivers, $8,577; 12, Artsbridge, $7,730; 13, Actors Guild of Parkersburg, $7,631; 14, Project Yoga MOV, $7,532; 15, United Way Alliance of the MOV, $7,275; 16, Doddridge County Park, $7,225; 17, Parkersburg Choral Society, $7,175; 18, Habitat for Humanity of the Mid-Ohio Valley, $7,050; 19, Parkersburg Pride, $6,540; 20, WVU at Parkersburg Foundation, $6,375; 21, House to Home, $6,370; 22, Doddridge County Humane Society, $5,940; 23, SW Resources, $5,850; 24, West Virginia Symphony Orchestra -Parkersburg, $5,645; 25, Consumer Credit Counseling Service of the Mid-Ohio Valley, $5,555.

Most Donors: 1, Parkersburg Pride, 113; 2, United Way Alliance of the MOV, 108; 3, Parkersburg Art Center, 90; 4, FaithLink, 78; 5, Humane Society of Parkersburg, 63; 6, Parkersburg High School Foundation, 52; 7, Actors Guild of Parkersburg, 52; 8, Parkersburg Catholic Schools, 52; 9, Habitat for Humanity of the Mid-Ohio Valley, 41; 10, Artsbridge, 39; 11, Project Yoga MOV, 38; 12, Children’s Home Society, 38; 13, Boys & Girls Club of Parkersburg, 36; 14, GFWC-West Virginia, 35; 15, Williamstown High School, 34; 16, Mid Ohio Valley Fellowship Home, 34; 17, WVU at Parkersburg Foundation, 34; 18, Doddridge County Humane Society, 33; 19, Consumer Credit Counseling Service of the Mid-Ohio Valley, 32; 20, Parkersburg YMCA, 32; 21, Parkersburg Choral Society, 31; 22, Mid-Ohio Valley Health Department, 30; 23, Parkersburg & Wood County Public Library, 28; 24, The Children’s Listening Place, 27; 25, West Virginia Symphony Orchestra-Parkersburg, 25.


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