Good Friday Walk to be hosted by downtown Parkersburg churches

File Photo Marlene Dent of Parkersburg carries the cross during the 2018 Stations of The Cross Good Friday walk in 2018. This year’s walk will be held on April 19.

PARKERSBURG — The annual inter-faith Stations of the Cross Good Friday walk will be held noon April 19, starting at St. Francis Xavier Catholic Church, 532 Market St.

The Stations of the Cross joins people of various faiths worshipping together at several downtown churches and depicts 14 scenes from the walk of Jesus to Calvary and His crucifixion. At each station, there are scripture readings and interactive prayers.

The walk begins with praying at St. Francis Xavier. From there, a large rustic cross is carried to the next church.

Churches participating this year are St. Francis Xavier, First Baptist Church, St. Paul’s United Methodist Church, St. Patrick’s Priory, First United Methodist Church, Logan Memorial Church, Trinity Episcopal Church and the Salvation Army.

St. Francis Xavier was established in 1853 with the current building completed in 1869. The Rev. John Rice is its priest.

File Photo The 2018 procession made its way down Juliana Street toward the downtown area and Logan Memorial United Methodist Church.

First Baptist Church was formed in 1811 and first occupied in 1876. The Rev. Richard McClure pastors First Baptist. McClure and his congregation have participated in every walk since its inception.

Trinity Episcopal Church was established in 1843, the third church established in the community. The Rev. Mark Hicks serves as its priest.

Logan Memorial United Methodist Church was Parkersburg’s first African American faith community and was constructed in 1892. Logan Memorial has been serving the community for over 150 years.

First United Methodist Church established itself in 1799 and its current building was erected in 1911. Richard DeQuaisie is pastor of the congregation.

St. Patrick’s Priory Anglican Church is the most recently established downtown church. It occupies a late 1800s building, which the church has been renovating.

The Salvation Amy has served the Parkersburg area for many years and has been at its Fifth Street location since 1962. The Salvation Army is pastored by Majs. Matt and Cathy Riley, who have been on post since June 2016.

This year’s goal is to have 20 churches represented. There will be a sign in at the first church to indicate which church the participant represents.

Participants who would like a small sign bearing the name of their church should private message Sherry Hornbeck West on Facebook with the church name. She will provide the sign the day of the event.