Actors Guild of Parkersburg to open ‘Mamma Mia’ on Friday

Photo by Jeff Baughan Bottom row, from left: Joanie Owen, Carter Rice, Torrey Archer, Sherry Braid, Heather Hepburn and Clare Cannizzaro. Top row, from left: Haley Matthews, Syd Reynolds, Danny Bayer, George Litman, Dennis Craig and Taryn Matheny.

PARKERSBURG — The Actors Guild of Parkersburg’s latest production, “Mamma Mia,” opens Friday for a four weekend, 10-show performance at the guild’s playhouse at the corner of Eighth and Market streets.

Friday and Saturday’s 8 p.m. shows are sold out. Tickets remain for other performances, although the second weekend of shows is nearing sellout status as well. Dates and times available still are: 8 p.m. April 26-27, May 3-4 and May 10-11; 2:30 p.m. April 26 and 6 p.m. May 5.

Tickets can be purchased online at

The two-hour and 20-minute run time includes an intermission, according to director RJ Lowe. He said there are approximately 30 songs from the Swedish musical act ABBA.

The production of the 2008 movie was based on the 1999 musical by the same name. “The show is about a mother (Donna Sheridan portrayed by Sherry Braid) and daughter (Sophie Sheridan portrayed by Torrey Archer) dealing with the stress of the daughter’s wedding,” said Lowe. “Add to that the fact the daughter invited three men from the mother’s past; each of which could be the father.”

The three men (Sam Carmichael portrayed by Dennis Craig, Bill Austin portrayed by George Litman and Harry Bright portrayed by Danny Bayer) each believes they are Sophie’s father and each states they will give Sophie away at her wedding to Sky (portrayed by Carter Rice). There are many twists and turns in the plot and who ends up with who at the end is part of the fun.

The cast list for “Mamma Mia” includes:

* Sophie Sheridan: Torrey Archer

* Donna Sheridan: Sherry Braid

* Sam Carmichael: Dennis Craig

* Bill Austin: George Litman

* Harry Bright: Danny Bayer

* Sky: Carter Rice

* Tanya: Clare Cannizzaro

* Rosie: Heather Hepburn

* Lisa: Haley Matthews

* Ali: Joanie Owen

* Pepper: Taryn Matheny

* Eddie: Syd Reynolds

* Ensemble: Anthony Black, Lori Clark, Taylor Cox, Jacob Glaspell, Elizabeth Grounds, Tru Hill, Tammy Reynolds Kelley, Devon Martin, Jennifer Moellendick, Pete Myers, Joe Oliverio, Paula Oliverio, Shannon Owen, Amanda Philpott, Melissa Starling, Jaliyah Townsend, Michele Weaver-Johnston, Grace Wilson, Luanna Wriston.

The production crew for “Mamma Mia” is:

* Director: R. J. Lowe

* Assistant Directors: Brett Meade, Gwen Sour

* Music Director: Pete Sour

* Costumer: Josh Woodard

* Choreographer: Lori Ullmann

* Stage Manager: Olivia Parsons

* Assistant Stage Manager: Lexi Raber

* Production Assistant: Terri Borrelli

* Costume Crew: Betty Dotson, Betty Kelley, Ann Simonton, Linda Smith, Angy White

* Props: Pam Salisbury Piggott

* Set Designer: Bartolo Cannizzaro and Troy Snyder

* Lighting Designer: Bartolo Cannizzaro

* Lightboard Operator: Sabrina Dye

* Spot Light Operators: Heather Cooper, Cindy McCune

* Assistant Sound Operator: Chris Cox

* Adviser to Director: David Rexroad

* Playbill Layout and Design: Brett Meade