J.R.’s Donut Castle donates cappuccino machine to Mid-Ohio Valley Support Group

PARKERSBURG — J.R.’s Donut Castle donated a cappuccino machine for the Mid-Ohio Support Group for its group room.

The company also made a donation for the support group’s trip to Fort Bragg N.C. The visit to the military base is expected to help veterans learn to cope with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

The veterans group meets at the Counseling Wellness Center by Richard Stanley, MED, LPC, NCC, in the group room called “the green mile” and what’s said there stays there. Members of the group discuss their thoughts and feelings, learn how to express what hurts without criticism or judgment, cope with memories, talk about day-to-day life and recognize triggers that help heal their wounds.

Laughter is a part of healing and helps the veterans feel their back is covered like in combat. The group has also received support from Jan Dils Attorney of Law for the trip to Fort Bragg.


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