Casting call for Mid-Ohio Valley movie to be Feb. 26

BELPRE — A casting call for a new movie by Dizzyboy Productions will be held 1-6 p.m. Feb. 26 at 1614 Washington Blvd.

“No Knock List” will be about two escaped felons, Keith and Lou, who plan to pull off a heist so big, it will set them up for life. They arrive at a bed and breakfast owned by a mysterious recluse Ms. VanGobels, who is known in town to be rich beyond measure.

As they begin to follow through on their plans, they slowly find themselves lost in a strange and often frightening world within the converted mansion. Will they survive their stay? Will they learn horrible truths?

Only time will tell, but one thing is for sure. When you stay at the Hallow’s Pass B&B, you’d better abide by Ms. VanGobels seven rules. Or else.

Main Cast

Lou Stanopolis: Lead, built, large, aged 40s-50s, intimidating. Facing death row for murder charges. The embodiment of all the sins. Misogynistic, egotistical, objectifies women, greedy and short tempered. Enjoys teetering on the edge of evil. Will require some action, scuffles. Commitment: high.

Keith Carangelo: Lead, any body type, aged 20s to late 30s, softer features. Finishing out a sentence for larceny and drugs. Easily bullied, peace maker, good heart but poor judgement. Deeply troubled by events of his life. Slightly brooding but still kind. Commitment: high

Ms. VanGobels: Lead, thin, sharp features. Conservative and proper, aged 30s to 70s. Well spoken and highly intelligent. Ms. VanGobels runs the B&B and is highly strict and to the point. She has little patience. Commitment: intermittent.

Anne: Beautiful, 30s, any body type. Easy going, friendly, helpful.

Supporting Cast

Lee: Rough around the edges, any body type, 50s-70s. Hard worker, cunning. He tends to the house making sure to always do the will of Ms. VanGobels. Highly respected by staff and herself. Often a voice of reason and easy to engage. Commitment: Intermittent.

Andrea: Beautiful, 20s to early 30s, thin. Mousy, but not introverted. Kind and good listener. She is the live-in maid. Is slightly fearful of Ms. VanGobels, but still acts on her own behalf. Commitment: moderate.

Featured Roles

Chef: Larger. Intimidating. 30s-60s. Speaking roll. Chef is the in house cook, he is frightening and has a “not quite right” manner about him. Commitment: low.

Room 4 Girl: Thin, 20s, very gothy in appearance, very confident and aggressive. Non speaking, physically dramatic roll. Must be comfortable in minimal clothing and comfortable in restrictive prosthetics and makeup. Must be physically fit to perform action sequence. Commitment: med/low.

Reporter: Any gender, any age, any body type. Small but multiple solo lines. Commitment: low.

Piano Player: Any age, any body type, any gender. Must be able to perform and provide a few original pieces. Commitment: low.

Monster: Any Age, very thin short frame. Physically demanding. Must be comfortable in full head to toe costume and prosthetic. Commitment: low.

Ballet Duet: Two dancers under 18 or younger in appearance. Must have ballet experience and be able to perform a routine. Commitment: med/low.

User: Any body type, intimidating, male, under 40. Commitment: med/low.

Mom: Any body type, 60s, friendly. Small speaking roll. Commitment: low.

New Maid: Aged 16-19. Any body type. Small speaking roll. Commitment: low.

Director: Rich Rule

Screenplay: Zei Vogta