Tyler, Paden City students honored

SISTERSVILLE – Outstanding students from Tyler County and Paden City schools were honored this month during the annual Peoples Bank Academic Awards Ceremonies at Tyler Consolidated High School.

More than 7,000 students whose grades put them at the top of their classes have been recognized during the program’s 37-year history.

Singled out for special honors each year are those who have qualified for the awards ceremonies during each of the eight years they were eligible. ew students achieve that distinction and their names are engraved on special Academic Hall of Fame plaques displayed at the high schools.

Hall of Fame winners this year were Elisha Brown, Aryn Carpenter, Johnathan Lancaster, Sierra Mace, Megan Wilson and Sydney Yoho of Tyler Consolidated High School; and Craig Allen, Graeson Baker and Kayla Hizer of Paden City High School.

One of the students, Sierra Mace, left the event substantially better off as a result of winning a $1,000 scholarship from Peoples Bank.

She was chosen from among Hall of Fame honorees, in a random drawing. More than a dozen other students recognized during the ceremonies also won cash prizes from the bank.

Peoples Bank Executive Vice President in charge of sales and marketing Rich Stafford, speaking at the Thursday ceremony for students in grades 9-12, reminded the young people that “it takes an army of people to help the students get to this point.” He cited contributions of parents and educators, noting that “this asrea has a strong academic performance reputation.” Stafford urged those honored at the event to “continue that thirst for knowledge,” telling them “it will only help propell you in your careers.”

Bank Executive Vice President Staci Matheney, in charge of retail sales and service, told those at the Tuesday ceremony, also thanked educators and the students’ families. She urged the students in grades 5-8 to “strive to be the very best you can be.”

Certificates recognizing the Hall of Fame winners were presented by Elysia Atkinson, who is assistant vice president and West Virginia district manager for the bank. Presenting certificates to the scores of students recognized during the two-night ceremonies were Terri Botkins, Sistersville Branch manager for Peoples Bank; and Robin Daquilante, superintendent of Tyler County schools.

Daquilante was praised by master of ceremonies Mike Myer, executive editor of the Wheeling News-Register and The Intelligencer. Noting that in announcing student honorees’ names, he occasionally mispronounces a few, Myer told the crowd Daquilante discreetly but quickly corrected him on every one. “Here’s a county school superintendent who not only knows her students’ names on paper, but knows how to pronounce them all,” Myer said. “That’s unusual and it says something about how seriously she takes her job.”

Also commended were school officials and companies that ensured the ceremonies were a success. They included Amanda Kimble, director of child nutrition, support services and safety for Tyler County schools; Jan Kirk, secretary for the school system; Business Machine Services of RCS Printing in New Martinsville, and the Pepsi Beverage Co.

Preceding the event for grades 5-8, the invocation was given by Joshua Guild, an A.I. Boreman Elementary School student. The invocation before the ceremony for grades 9-12 was by Megan Pierce, a Paden City High School student.

Entertainment for the events was by the Tyler Consolidated High School Jazz Band, under the direction of Wayne Smith, and the Tyler Consolidated High School Choir, under the diretion of Bryce Negie.

Students honored at the events included:

A. I. Boreman

Elementary School

5th grade: Kaylie Benzing, Madeline Cecil, Jude Childers, Aleeah Fletcher, Jocelyn Foltz, Joshua Guild, Parker Leasure, Karalyn Lynch, Drue Martinez, Ashley Brooke Mason, Danny McCune III, Zachary Morris, Jordyn Potoczny, Ezra Reed, Shauna Riggs, Briann Templeton, Lauren Templeton, Caleb Young.

Paden City Elementary School

5th grade: Alec Chaplin, Audrey Cross, Brandon Hizer, Gavin Lewis, Ayden Hoover.

6th grade: Kyra Dennis, Kelsey Michael, Rachel Price, Maggi Still, Hope Weber.


Elementary School

5th grade: Landry Buchanan, Layla-Lee Copsey, Jamie Daugherty, Audrey Dennis, Kate Gorrell, Emma Grimes, Madeline Tarnecki, Ardynn Weekley, Victoria Yost.

Tyler Consolidated Middle School

6th grade: Imagen Anderson, Alan Benzing, Jenna Brinkmeier, Abigail Ebert, Savannah Ferrell, Jordyn Henthorn, Alexis Huffman, Isaac Melvin, Aaron Moore, Sadie Nichols, Regan Smith, Michael Suter, Abigail Thompson.

7th grade: Creed Ammons, Adonyya Childers, Hailey Cook, Madison DeVaughn, Mercedes Florez, aAnna Grimes, Rachal Hashman, Sarah Hashman, Alexis Helmick, Shawn Jones, Shiann Jones, George Kester, Garrett Littell, Katie Miller, Kimberly Owens, Amie Robinson, James Tanner, Rachel Thomas, Avery West.

8th grade: Billy Anderson, Tori Cremona, Haley Fletcher, Nicholas Gorby, Katlyn Griffey, Emily Jackson, Emily Lancaster, Emily Litten, Destry Nelson, Haiden Placer, Katie Pratt, Noah Smith, Kassidy Starkey, David Stoller Jr., Alaina Thompson, Miranda Weekley.

Paden City High School

7th grade: Jacob Amos, Isabella Beverlin, Cameron Dennis, Walter Joy, Paxton Pierce, Abbe Stackpole.

8th grade: Nathan Barker, Hope Cooper, Delainey Lantz, Paige Leonard, Hannah Loy, Matthew Michael, Matthew Rexroad.

9th grade: Joshua Glover, Levi Goddard, Aubrey Neff, Isaac Price, Shelby Schultheis.

10th grade: Shelby Gatian, Alexandria Glover, Hayden Hizer, Abigail Means.

11th grade: Logan Carroll, Luke Cooper, Taylor Cosper, Michelle Doyle, Samuel Price, Aubrey Ritchie.

12th grade: Craig Allen, Victoria Anderson, Graeson Baker, Emily Clements, Sadie Helmick, Kayla Hizer, Amber Neff, Megan Pierce. Shelby Gatian.

Tyler Consolidated High School

9th grade: Aleah Baker, Andrew Booher, Colby Buchanan, Isabella Camerlin, Luke Daugherty, Kamryn Davis, Cheyenne Ferrell, Joshua Frum, Eli Henthorn, Hannah May, Julianna Miller, Remington Miller, Isabella Pettus, Amanda Reynolds, Kenna Smith, Rosana Smith, Theodore Stackpole, Scotlynn Straight, Mark Wilson.

10th grade: Hannah Ankrom, Jenna Archer, Mindy Bell, Justin Brinkmeier, Makaila Brown, Ali Cooper, Shayla Griffey, Ross Gorby, Courtney Hoder, Mya Ingram, Alexis Jenkins, Macy Long, Maria Long, Jennifer Lynch, Devann McCoy, Megan Miller, Trenton Smith, Vanessa Templeton, Madison West, Simon Wirth, Danielle Yonaley.

11th grade: Kia Barnhart, Adam Cooper, Virgil Cooper, Kyle Frum, Katelyn Gogan, Scott Gorby, Jayme Jeffers, Brannon Jones, Brianna Kurfis, Jasmine Kyle, Jeremiah Lancaster, Remie McAdams, Marisha Morris, Baylee Roberts, Hannah Roberts, Katlyn Seckman, Lacey Seckman, Martha Shepherd, Breanna Snyder, Kaleb Tanley, Austin Thompson, Doug Wagner, Amber Watson, Brittany Weekley, Daron Weekley, Hogan Wells, Sydney White, Damara Winfrey, Julian Work.

12th grade: Alexander Booher, Elisha Brown, Aryn Carpenter, Bryan Day Jr., Daniel Grimm, Kaylee Hartsfield, Taylor Hess, Ryan Hubbard, Laura Jochum, Johnathan Lancaster, Sierra Mace, Laken Miller, Lillian Orr, Megan Wilson, Syndney Yoho.


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