Waterford Community Fair ready to go hog wild

The hog shows and sale bring crowds to the Waterford Fair each year. This year’s fair is scheduled for Aug. 18-21. (File Photo)

WATERFORD — One of the busiest times of the year for 4-H and FFA students has almost arrived as those raising hogs are gearing up for next week’s Waterford Community Fair.

Board members are anticipating another good year this year, as there are a variety of things to see and do at the fair.

Board member Doug McCutcheon said he hopes the rain holds off, as the tractor sled doesn’t work very well under very wet conditions.

One of the big draws is the hog sale on Saturday, Aug. 20.

“We have good crowds and a lot of people look forward to this fair,” McCutcheon said. “For the kids, it’s about agriculture and getting together. It’s something they look forward to before school starts back up.”

Animals are weighed in on Wednesday and the carnival rides are open free of charge on Thursday.

“We would (sponsor free rides) as a way to give back to the community, but they are now sponsored by the Eagles in Beverly,” he said. “They are big supporters of the fair. Now we can use that money for other things.”

A donation of $25,000 from the Washington County Commission last year put up a new pavilion and a concrete pad for a tent.

“It makes it much better for people to walk to and get out of the rain,” McCutcheon said.

As a pay it forward, the fair board usually gets 7% from the vendors to help support the fair, but last year, the money was reimbursed to the vendors.

“We felt we needed to give that money,” he said. “We gave it back because they lost money the year before due to COVID.”

Board member Missy Antill said everybody is excited about something with the fair. She has five kids in her household who are taking hogs, but there are others excited for the truck and tractor pulls.

“And the little kids are excited for the pedal pulls,” she said. “There’s a diverse variety of things they are excited for, depending on who you talk to.”

As this has been a wet summer, McCutcheon said, some are concerned about rain during the fair.

Antill said regardless of the weather, the hog show will happen.

“We still promote the food vendors as they are nonprofits … local organizations use this as a fundraiser,” she said.

She noted some of the food vendors are: lemon shakes from the local pee wee football; fish and sausage sandwiches from the athletic boosters; taco in a bag from the Waterford PTO; polish sausages from the Boy Scouts; sweet corn from the Waterford FFA; and apple dumplings and ice cream from the Waterford High band.

“And the Grange is famous for their noodles,” McCutcheon added.

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Schedule of Events


* 9 a.m.: Hog pictures at the fair barn.

* 10 a.m.: Receiving all fine arts, visual arts, culinary, home decor, and fruits and vegetables (except cut flowers) in the exhibit buildings.

* 4 p.m.: Gates open with the presentation of colors by Boy Scout Troop 222.

* 5 p.m.: Washington County Royalty Crowning for all three fairs on the stage.

* 6 p.m.: Tractor tug pull in the fair chair alley; Baby contest on the stage. Beautiful Baby, Prince & Princess, and King & Queen contests; Rides open. Free for all ages.

* 7 p.m.: Livestock in place at the fair barn.


* 8 a.m.: Presentation of colors by Boy Scout Troop 222; Market hog show in the fair barn.

* 9 a.m.: Cut flowers in place in the exhibit buildings.

* 1 p.m.: Judging of fancywork, fruits, vegetables and floral.

* 5-10 p.m.: Rides open. Armbands are $15.

* 5:30 p.m.: Parade forms at Fort Frye High School.

* 6 p.m.: Parade begins and will travel from Fort Frye High School south on Ohio 339 through the village of Waterford to the Community Fairgrounds.

* 7:30 p.m.: Motorcycle and ATV rodeo sign ups at fair chair alley.

* 8 p.m.: Tent Entertainment – Heartbreak Ridge.

* 8:30 p.m.: Kids motorcycle and ATV rodeo at fair chair alley.


* 8 a.m.: Presentation of colors by Boy Scout Troop 222.

* 8-10 a.m.: Livestock and Jackpot show at the fair barn. Community Fair Jackpot beef and dairy feeder show.

* 9 a.m.: Bicycle rodeo at the fair chair alley.

* 11:30 a.m.: Scales open at fair chair alley.

* Noon: Senior Citizen Day. Free admission to seniors; Matinee rides open. They will be closed from 4:30-5:30 p.m.; Tractor speed pull at fair chair alley.

* 12:30 p.m.: Community Bingo at the senior pavilion.

* 3:30 p.m.: Buyer’s reception at the fair barn.

* 4:30 p.m.: Hog sale at the fair barn.

* 5:30 p.m.: Pickin on Country at the tent; Rides reopen.

* 6:30 p.m.: Tractor pull sign ups at fair chair alley.

* 8 p.m.: Tractor speed pull at fair chair alley; Red Sky Dawn at the tent.


* 8 a.m.: Presentation of colors by Boy Scout Troop 222.

* 9 a.m.: Church services in the tent.

* 1 p.m.: Pedal tractor pull by the Waterford High School FFA Alumni.

* 3 p.m.: Truck and tractor pull at fair chair alley.

* 3:30 p.m.: Smith Family Singers at the tent.

* 5:30 p.m.: Rides open.

* 6:30 p.m.: Lost & Found at the tent.

Note: Armbands for the carnival rides are $15.

Source: Waterford Fair Board.


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