From Wurst to Best: Vehicle drives through Der Dog Haus; volunteers repair damage

Workers finish cleaning up the damage from Wednesday’s car crash that damaged the front of Der Dog Haus on Seventh Street. (Photo by Larry Launstein Jr.)

PARKERSBURG — A Parkersburg man drove his vehicle through the front of a local restaurant Wednesday night, knocking down the front of the building, but it was all but repaired early Thursday afternoon by volunteers.

Parkersburg Police reported Scott Burdette, of Parkersburg, drove his car into the front of the building just after 10 p.m. Wednesday, causing structural damage to the front of der Dog Haus, 2000 Seventh St.

Burdette was transported by EMS to West Virginia University Medicine Camden Clark, and suffered minor injuries, according to Police Chief Scott Elliott. The cause of the crash was a medical event Burdette had prior to the crash, Elliott said.

Restaurant manager Duane Reed said he was very thankful that nobody got hurt, including the driver and his employees. Reed said the employees left for the evening about an hour before the crash took place.

But, according to Reed, volunteers from Murray Sheet Metal and 3-D Glass started working on the restaurant at about 7 a.m. Thursday. They put up new blocks, paneling, new door facing, and door hinges.

This is the damage a car did to Der Dog Haus on Seventh Street from the inside Wednesday night. (Photo Provided)

In addition, Reed said United Construction Company Inc. also was involved, but not on a volunteer basis.

“We didn’t have to make a phone call. They (the volunteers) just showed up,” Reed said. “They are good people. You just don’t get good neighbors. It just makes you feel so good.”

In addition, Reed said, “We’re grateful the man is all right. You can replace windows and doors, but you cannot replace a life.”

The restaurant is expected to reopen today.

Larry Launstein Jr. can be reached at llaunstein@newsandsentinel.com


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