Minnie Hamilton Health System boosting cancer screenings

GRANTSVILLE — Minnie Hamilton Health System in Grantsville and Glenville has increased breast and cervical cancer screenings by informing and reminding patients of the importance of regular testing.

Through one-on-one education with female patients, both the Calhoun and Gilmer County clinics increased awareness and encouraged testing.

A new protocol was developed which helped to implement these one-on-one interventions and according to clinic software, they were a success.

“Combined, the clinics’ cervical cancer screening rates increased an average of 17 percent from baseline and breast cancer screening rates an average of 4 percent from baseline, both over a two year period,” a press release from Minnie Hamilton said.

Along with the reminders and increased patient communications the Radiology Department sends out mail reminders to patients to keep up-to-date on their screenings.

“In 2020, the Radiology Department upgraded its equipment to digital mammography to stay current with the industry standards of care,” the release said.

Minnie Hamilton also partners with Bonnie’s Bus Mammography to offer mobile screenings annually.

According to the U.S. Preventative Task Force Services, females between the ages of 40 and 74 should receive a mammogram every one to two years.

Cervical cancer screenings are recommended to women between the ages of 21 and 64 every three years, according to the Task Force.

“At Minnie Hamilton Health System, we are committed to our patients and their health needs. Our clients proudly participate with the WV Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program, which helps female patients with financial barriers obtain needed breast and cervical cancer screenings,” the release said.

To schedule a breast or cervical cancer screening, contact the Grantsville Clinic at 304-354-9244 or the Glenville Clinic at 304- 462-7322.

Candice Black can be reached at cblack@newsandsentinel.com.


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