Residents, relatives happy with Wirt County care facility

Mary Radabough was the first resident moved into the new Elizabeth Care Center in Wirt County. The center has nine residents with the application process in place to bring in more as guidelines with the COVID-19 pandemic allow. Radabough has been at the facility for eight weeks. (Photo Provided)

ELIZABETH — People in the Wirt County area are thrilled to have the new Elizabeth Care Center open with residents.

The center’s first resident Mary Radabough, has been at the center for eight weeks and has enjoyed her time there.

“This facility is superb and the service is prompt,” she said in a released statement. “The staff is friendly and chatty.

“The meals are varied and tasty. Where else can you get fresh sliced cucumber and onion in vinegar for a snack?!”

Radabough’s family is happy with how Mary has taken to the center.

Marcia Radabough, her niece, said the center feels like home for her aunt.

“She feels welcome, like she belongs, like she’s important and they want to care for her,” she said. “At Elizabeth Care Center she is living, there’s joy and happiness in her voice, she feels like a human that is valued rather than a forgotten patient.

“Elizabeth Care Center has a whole different model of patient-centered care. The change (from the last facility) is extraordinary and I give the staff there all the credit.”

Another resident, Marylin Bunner, said she feels at ease at the center.

“Beautiful views, all the people are friendly and upbeat,” she said in a statement. “It’s a beautiful place. I’m home. I’m excited.”

The 97-year-old mother of Wirt County Commissioner Teresa Murray is among the residents. Murray’s sister did the initial application process so Murray’s position on the commission would not been an influence.

Her mother and a roommate were at the Willows in Parkersburg and were among some of the first residents interviewed for the new facility and has been there over a couple of months.

Murray said her mother is really liking the facility, but the family is also really liking having the access to her.

Although the COVID-19 pandemic has limited what families can do, they are still able to visit with her mother through the windows at the facility and being able to talk to her on a cell phone while see can see them.

“That is working really good for us,” Murray said. “Everything seems to be going smoothly.”

The staff have been very accommodating for them in letting them talk to her on the phone if they can’t come in person and checking on her if she is asleep.

Their family is thankful for the access as Murray has a sister who lives within a mile of the facility and many of them live close so it is not uncommon for one of them or more to be able to check on their mother.

“They have welcomed our visits and calls to talk to her,” Murray said. “They are upfront with everything and we are so glad.

” It is very convenient for us. We can drop off food, a snack she likes or something. They make us feel like she is at home.”

They have commented on the size and layouts of the rooms. Even if someone else is in there, they feel there is still a lot of space, she said.

Other families with relatives there use to have to drive long distances to see their family members at facilities in Parkersburg and elsewhere.

The people at the center have encourage the local community to make it their own with touches highlighting the local history.

“They want us to make it our own place and make it about Wirt County,” Murray said.

People have donated items to the facility and they are in the process of getting a piano to use in Sunday church services at the center, Murray said.

“They are very good to work with,” she said.

The center is in the process of interviewing more potential residents as COVID-19 guidelines allow.

Murray hopes that many people locally will be able to benefit from having a skilled nursing care facility close by.

“My mom says she feels good, she enjoys it and likes it there,” Murray said. “She has a lot of good things to say about the care and the people taking care of her here.”

The center is and will be a welcome addition for many in the area in keeping people close to their loved ones.

“For years to come people in our area, and other areas, this will be a welcome place for people in our county,” Murray said. “It is a real blessing to us.”

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