Ripley coffee shop scares up customers

I Scream Sundae is now joined by Hallowbeans Coffee House in Ripley (Photo Provided)

RIPLEY — A trifecta of horror delights will soon be available for the Ripley area as Hallowbeans, a creepy coffee destination, opens this weekend and a bone chilling haunt that will debut this fall.

I Scream Sundae crept its way into Ripley about a year ago and owner Charessa Wilkinson said she wanted to open another business in the same building as the ice cream shop.

“I don’t know that there is a real coffee shop between Parkersburg and Charleston. This is the real deal,” she said.

With help from Hill Tree Roastery in the Charleston area, coffee beans from around the world will be brewed to perfection in a creepy setting.

Hallowbeans will feature themed, one of a kind drinks including mochas, caramels, a variety of flavors and a frozen drink called “tortured frozen brews.”

For those who aren’t fans of coffee, eventually the coffee shop will include smoothies, bubble tea and matcha.

Gluten free pastries will be served with a twist to go along with the overall theme of the shop.

“(They will be) brought in every day locally. (It’s) twisted Alice in Wonderland themed. Our prices of, course, are going to be really good too,” Wilkinson said.

When patrons step into the coffee shop, they will be immersed in a haunted mansion setting.

With a special clown room and a few other scary surprises, Wilkinson said it may not be recommended for kids.

This fall, Wilkinson is continuing her Go Go Scare Show which is a sensory haunt.

Located at the back of the I Scream/Hallowbeans building, victims will go through a circus tent and be led through a horror experience like no other.

All three destinations will offer ghoulish fun with the coffee shop and ice cream parlor offering their scary settings all year long.

The Go Go Scare show will begin this September and will take place every Friday and Saturday through the Halloween season.

Hallowbeans will debut to customers Saturday from 12 p.m. to 9 p.m.

Candice Black can be reached at cblack@newsandsentinel.com.


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