Belleville communications tower nearly complete

Construction will soon be completed on a new communications tower near Belleville, Wood County officials said. The tower is expected to be operational by late summer or early fall and improve communications coverage around the Belleville area. (Photo Provided)

BELLEVILLE – A new tower to improve communications in the Belleville area is almost up, the Wood County Commission said.

The new communications tower near Belleville, which is higher than 300 feet, is almost erected and County officials believe construction will be completed soon.

The tower, which sits on land owned by the Washington Works Plant, is expected to be up and running by late Summer/early Fall, once all the equipment is installed, Wood County 911 Director Rick Woodyard said.

The tower will provide better communications coverage around the Belleville area which has been challenging in the past, he said.

The tower will also be the last piece needed to connect state radio communications from the Port of Pittsburgh to the Port of Huntington along the Ohio River.

”They will have communications all along the river from Pittsburgh to Huntington,” Woodyard said.

The need for improved communications in that area has been discussed for several years, particularly after a tornaso killed one person and damaged numerous homes in the Belleville area in 2010.


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