St. Marys Galaxy Food Center to offer online SNAP option

St. Marys Galaxy Food Center is hoping to take payments via SNAP benefits for online orders in August. (Photo Provided)

ST. MARYS — St. Marys Galaxy Food Center is working to offer online shopping with curbside pickup for customers through the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program.

The Galaxy has had the online shopping option for customers for about two years, but those who use food stamps aren’t able to pay for groceries online.

According to Casey Edwards, owner, the coronavirus sped up the process of offering the S.N.A.P. benefits payment option on the website to help customers who don’t want to spend time in the stores to get their groceries.

“With a S.N.A.P.-eligible customer, they’re maybe disabled or just can’t get it. If they can get in their vehicle they can get their groceries. I think that will be nice benefit for them,” he said.

Alabama was the first state to start the online payment for S.N.A.P. benefit customers and Edwards said before the pandemic, they were looking to expand that option to other states.

West Virginia was accepted to offer the service with St. Marys Galaxy being one of the pilot stores. This payment option is for food purchases only and does not include WIC transactions.

Edwards feels West Virginia was possibly chosen because of the income level. Ohio likely won’t have this payment option until a later date and Edwards said that might bring customers in from across the river.

Currently, the only option to pay online with S.N.A.P. benefits is to put the purchase on a credit card and to complete the transaction inside the grocery store, after which the credit card transaction would be reversed.

This method was used for about a dozen customers on an as-needed basis. Edwards said if someone needs to be able to purchase their groceries online and to use that process to pay with their S.N.A.P. benefits, they’ll still be able to do so until it is available online.

Although they are still in the process of adding this option, Edwards said they’re hoping to have it up and running by Aug. 1.

“Back-to-school time may be a soft target,” he said.

Candice Black can be reached at cblack@newsandsentinel.com.


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