Airport officials say paving project going well

WILLIAMSTOWN — The Mid-Ohio Regional Airport is on track with projects and other airport business that was discussed during Tuesday’s Wood County Airport Authority meeting.

Bids were discussed for the repair of the roof in the main terminal and the LED lighting and electrical volt upgrade.

Both bids for those projects were accepted so the airport will move on to the next phase of the preparation by submitting the necessary paperwork to the Federal Aviation Administration.

Airport Manager Glen Kelly said the bid for the LED and the electrical volt upgrade project was lower than anticipated.

“We were concerned about the bid for the LED lighting and volt terminal generator. We were quite surprised with the low bidder but it came in significantly lower than we expected,” he said.

The projects are hoped to be completed by October, Kelly said.

The runway paving project is on schedule and might be completed earlier than the June 21 estimated completion date, Kelly said.

“The paving is going very well with no significant issues. We expect to make the 21st deadline easily,” he said. “I’m quite pleased with the project on the runway rehabilitation paving, The safety plan has been followed to a tee. I’m very happy with the work that Kelley Paving is doing.”

During the paving, Jackie Hall, airport business manager, Norman Boley and Paul Morehead of the line staff, removed the wall coverings and painted the interior of the main terminal.

“Jackie has truly helped to continue our improvements to the airport,” Kelly said.

With these projects and some relief due to COVID, the airport and Contour airlines will receive some funding assistance.

Some relief will be available to the airport for the roof upgrade because it is an airport improvement project. Kelly said they will possibly reimburse the money the airport will spend to match the funds.

The Department of Transportation amended the contract with Contour Airlines which allowed for payment to the airline to account for the missed flights during the runway paving and airport closure.

Contour will receive a majority of the money it would have on those flights during the time of the repaving which started June 1.

“It won’t be the full price but at least it will give them some capital to help them stay in business and continue on,” Kelly said.

In other airport updates, enplanements are up to 157 which is a significant increase compared to last month, Kelly said.

Fuel sales are up by over 12,000 gallons as compared to May 2019.


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