Riverview Credit Union offers program

MARIETTA — Riverview Credit Union, with offices in Washington and Wood counties, has announced a special short-term lending program to help members affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Riverview Credit Union is implementing a zero interest, short-term loan program of up to $1,500 for members, Doug Ankrom, president and CEO, said.

“This action represents our commitment to create programs that help our members during difficult and challenging times,” he said.

Guidelines for the program:

* Maximum loan amount is 1.5 times the verified monthly income up to $1,500.

* Maturity is 90 days if single payment, 12 months for fully-amortizing loans.

* Loan Limits of one relief loan per borrower at any given time with no more than three loans in a rolling 6-month period

* Interest rate of zero percent, provided the member does not default.

* No roll-over. Relief Loans must be fully repaid within 12 months.

* Minimum length of membership is six months.

* A member must have a Riverview share draft checking account.

* No loan fees will be assessed.

* The total outstanding balance in short-term loans granted under this program shall not exceed $750,000.

“Members in good standing with verifiable income generally will not be denied due to their credit history or score,” Ankrom said.

Individuals who have been a Riverview Credit Union member for at least 6 months and have are experiencing a financial hardship can request assistance under this program by visiting any office or calling 740 236-4308 or they may may apply online at riverviewcu.com.


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