Pipeline efforts bring revenue to Jackson County

RIPLEY — After the recent construction of a pipeline in Jackson County, the county will begin to reap some of those benefits next year.

Jackson County Commissioner Dick Waybright said the pipeline company finished its construction this year and the pipeline goes through the Fairplain area. TransCanada was the gas line company that completed the $100,000 project, funded by the gas company, Waybright said.

The county is equipped with a compressor station, one of only two in the state. The other compressor is in Calhoun County, Waybright said.

Jackson County could receive the tax money for that equipment each year, starting next July, resulting in a couple hundred thousand dollars for the county, Waybright said.

TransCanada also built a control building in the county that could bring in tax revenue.

“That building will control all their operations in this Northeast (area),” Waybright said.

The community has seen a benefit through the construction process, Waybright said. While the work was taking place, the businesses in the area benefited from groceries and gas purchases along with campsites and other necessities for the workers.

“That was a little boost to the economy, even though we don’t know what that amount was,” Waybright said.

Although the construction damaged roads and caused other traffic delays, the gas company worked on the roads once the pipeline project was finished, Waybright said.

“Many of the roads they made in better shape to begin with than what they were because they were dirt roads,” Waybright said.

Waybright said TransCanada helped to sponsor events in the community.

“They made themselves visible in the county,” Waybright said.

With the funds from the pipeline, the county is looking to build a new animal shelter and update the 911 system.

“Jackson County has been very much blessed by having a growing economy,” Waybright said.

Candice Black can be reached at cblack@newsandsentinel.com.


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