Vienna Dairy Queen moving into former Hardee’s

Photo by Madeline Scarborough This location at 2710 Grand Central Ave., the former Hardee’s building, is being remodeled into a new home for the Vienna Dairy Queen.

VIENNA — The Dairy Queen at 3400 Grand Central Ave. will be moving into the former Hardee’s building at 2710 Grand Central Ave.

“I think this will be a great upgrade,” said Vienna Mayor Randy Rapp.

Rapp noted that the future building, which is being remodeled, will be larger than Dairy Queen’s current building.

Rapp said the switch is expected to happen in the beginning of August.

Dairy Queen’s current building will be put up for sale and there are no current plans for its use, according to Rapp.

If the 3400 Grand Central Ave. property, which is the only commercial building in its area, does not sell commercially within a year, the location will become residential, Rapp said.