Contour secures agreement with American Airlines

One-ticket flights through Charlotte, connections coming

WILLIAMSTOWN — Later this year, passengers should be able to book flights to and from the Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport from around the country and beyond with a single ticket.

Contour Airlines, which provides commercial flights between the local airport and Charlotte Douglas International Airport under federally subsidized Essential Air Service, signed an interline agreement with American Airlines in June.

That means passengers won’t have to piecemeal their trips, buying a ticket from the Mid-Ohio Valley airport to Charlotte, then from Charlotte to wherever else they want to go. And, travelers wishing to come here can book straight through from their point of origin to the local airport, with its designation of PKB.

They’ll also avoid having to recheck their bags and go through security again as they move from a Contour flight to an American one and vice versa.

“I think this takes us to the highest level of service,” Mid-Ohio Valley Regional Airport Manager Glen Kelly said. “You can go literally anywhere, and you can buy the one ticket and your bag will go there with you.”

The interline agreement is not expected to be in effect until later this year, perhaps around the fourth quarter, Kelly said. The companies are addressing technical issues to make the process possible.

“Now they’re just working out the details,” Kelly said.

Wood County Commissioner Bob Tebay, a member of the Wood County Airport Authority, said the interline agreement is a wonderful development that should make it more desirable to fly out of the local airport.

“When they can go anywhere in the world from Parkersburg, W.Va., that’s a big thing,” he said. “Plus, the parking’s free at Wood County. That’s a big plus.”

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